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Austin Pharmacy - Towson

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Austin Pharmacy - Towson
Austin Pharmacy - Towson

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good prices very helpful

5 / 5
JOAN Vanderwerker
8 months ago

I love Austin Pharmacy. They are very good to me. The people that work there really care about you.

5 / 5
Anna Norrell
2 years ago

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5 / 5

We have used Austin for over 20 years. They have always been efficient, polite and customer oriented. Their delivery service is a godsend. We are in the process of moving to another state and will miss Austin's very much.

Gary Harkness
4 years ago
5 / 5

What a place. So tired of the waits and service at CVS in Towson. This place is great, quick, and it is a local business. And the Price was the same. Why not support your local business owner.

Charles E Connolly
4 years ago
1 / 5

I am a caregiver for a patient who receives supplies from Austin Pharmacy. My first encounter with this Pharmacy was and awful experience. I called in a order to refill supplies/prescription over the phone. Once I called, I was direct to the main Pharmacy option 2, and spoke with the manager who was very RUDE on the phone. Her name was Anna. I told her I was ordering for a patient and even gave her the patient birth date and name. Once I told her see immediately started yelling in the phone and I explained I am trying to refill this order and you are yelling at me through the phone. She was not empathetic at all and even sarcastically stated I am just trying to figure out what you need and I don't see it in the computer. I repeated what I needed again and once again she spoke over me, I did not have a chance to talk. So I hung up the phone and recalled again and spoke with someone else different but, was able to get the order taking care of. Communication is key when you work in this field, I used to be a Pharmacy Tech ...too bad they are not a Walgreen/CVS look things up by the birth date on the computer. My recommendation if you do not have the patience to work and handle yourself in a professional manner this is not the job for you find another career.

Consuella Hargress
3 years ago