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Levy's Pharmacy

4.2 / 5.0

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Levy's Pharmacy
Levy's Pharmacy
Levy's Pharmacy
Levy's Pharmacy

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A lot better than the chain of drug stores around, so convenient and never met more polite people befor. 99% of the time they have what you need.

5 / 5
Daniel Stadtler
7 months ago

Barbara and Lynette in prosthetics dept. are both swell ladies, and so too other employees, have NEVER had a bad experience, and don't understand "hit or miss" comments below. Store itself is clean, pleasant and well stocked.

5 / 5
Continental Nobleman
1 year ago

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3 / 5

Place is hit or miss. The people are usually nice but getting your scripts especially if you're getting delivery is usually a negative experience. They have on a # of occasions forgot meds. Or didnt have em in stock, the 3 times a got delivery one never showed up, at all, one was quick and one I'm actually still waiting for for over 2 hours

jesse Fitz.
1 year ago
2 / 5

This place is hit or miss! The staff sometimes is friendly and helpful, but a few of employees are extremely rude and unprofessional. One of the employees got the order over the phone wrong, I had to come back in one week to pick up the right item only to find out they got the color wrong this time. On top of it the employee said it was my fault, instead of accepting she made another mistake. The manager came over to see how she can settle the situation and never apologized, didn't even say hello. Very unprofessional! I guess it all comes down to poor management. I will definitely avoid this pharmacy from now on.

Aysylu Sharipova
1 year ago
1 / 5

I called to see if they had knee scooters to rent and was told yes. Great!! The parking is ridiculous!! I am on crutches and cannot use the parking lot in back and walk uphill on crutches on icy sidewalk. I called and they refused to help me whatsoever!! No compassion for my situation at all. I went to another pharmacy in Montclair. Totally went above and beyond to assist me. Met me at my car to help me get inside their store. In and out in five minutes and assisted me back to my car. That is what customer service is!! I called here on a Saturday to get knee walker and. Was told no one could help me until Monday!! Are you for real?

Jacqueline Willis
10 months ago