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CBC Community Pharmacy

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CBC Community Pharmacy
CBC Community Pharmacy
CBC Community Pharmacy

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You get your prescription very fast.

5 / 5
Geovanni El Salvadoreño
1 day ago

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4 / 5

Hello Friends,I have been coming here since day one.Helen is the best at what she does.If you need a consult, she's happy to explain things to you from the biodentical world.Ladies you are not depressed! !It's your hormones.Any one of the girls can help you get started.I am so happy I have my progesterone.I am more calm, less anxiuos, and I can sleep.. Come see their vitamin dept as well.If you need a Dr they also can refer you to get Hormones tested.Happy Balance.

Hunter Edward
9 months ago
1 / 5

If I could give 0 starts I would! Today was the second time I went to this pharmacy and the latina lady that gives medicine and charges is so rude! There was this little girl ill say like 10 that walked in with a $10 bill in her hand and was waiting for the lady to be done to what I'm guessing ask her for change for the vending machine. Well the worker ignored her for over 5 minutes. More people came in and she helped them out and when she would pass by the little girl she would look at her with a disgusted face. Like really? The littlw girl never said anything andnwas just waiting quietly but still! I saw you saw her lady!! The first time I ever went there was couole months ago and I got yelled..yes yelled at by that same woman to go outside to use my phone which they do have many signs of "NO PHONE US ALLOWED INSIDE PHARMACY" that honestly I didn't see. And today I see her right there leaning on the counter on her cell phone txting while on the clock and when they have signs of "no use of phones allowed" and the fact that she had yelled at me for that the last time. went it just got me so mad!!!!

Viviana Acosta
1 month ago
1 / 5

muy pésimo servicio y muy exigentes en su manera de dirigirse a los pacientes

Heriberto Alvarez
6 months ago
1 / 5

they really forgot my medicine & now i have to wait till Monday to pick it up because it is closed on the weekend. now i'm only starting to feel worse. thanks you guys rock

Alonso Arreola
9 months ago