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Dulaney Valley Healthmart

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Dulaney Valley Healthmart

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I was very pleased with my experience at this pharmacy. It is very organized, the pharmacist is very knowledgable and the staff is very friendly. I highly encourage Dulaney Valley Health Mart Pharmacy for anyone looking to get a personalized pharmacy experience. Oh, and they have free delivery!!!! Very helpful if you have a busy schedule or don't have a means of transportation !!

5 / 5
Larissa Assam
1 month ago

very accommodating! Great customer service

5 / 5
Angela Curbean
1 month ago

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5 / 5

Family owned type business and it shows. Treated like an individual...the owner is a sweetheart! A real contrast to the impersonal megapharmacies cropping up on every corner... the health mart is a real jewel.

Darrell Simon
12 months ago
5 / 5

I had been a CVS customer for many years, but recently I reached my limit with their nonsense. It culminated when I needed to get several prescriptions refilled early because I was going to Europe for three weeks. While the insurance company had no problem pay the claims early, CVS refused because they needed to check with the doctor first. Irritated, I took my prescriptions to DVHM, and I explained the situation. Bertha, the pharmacist, was very understanding and without hesitation, she filled my prescriptions. It took all of five minutes. Bertha explained to me why CVS has that policy and how they get away with their shenanigans. At that point, I decided to transfer all of both mine and my partner's prescriptions to DVHM. The service is outstanding. Whenever they don't have a specific drug in stick, they're able to order it for delivery the very next day, even if the order isn't placed until late evening (CVS is always 2-3 days or longer if the head hauncho is out). The wait is minimal -- just minutes. Bertha is always kind and engages her customers, and she's very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her pharmacy to anyone who wants to escape the red tape that is oft encountered at chain pharmacies. While it's a little out of my way, I gladly drive the extra distance to avoid CVS and its cousins. I'm glad I made the switch!

1 year ago
1 / 5

I usually Go to Towson Health Mart on West Road but because of a Long day full of Doctor appointments and Scheduling My 3rd Heart surgery I wasn’t able to make it before 530 when Mitch closes. So trying to prepare for this I called and was told I Could simply go to the other Location at 716 Dulaney Valley Rd as they were open until 7pm, awesome right ? Well as soon as I walked in the Door I was starred at Like I was there to rob the place or I was covered in Bees, then while attempting to Talk with the woman behind the counter All she does is stick her hand out without saying a word to me while she’s on the phone on a “Personal call” Then just says “we can’t fill these” with a very Tude tone as if I was bothering her by being there. I tried to explain to her That I was told everything would be fine to just come in and I’d be taken care of. When I tried to ask if their was a number to reach Mr. Mitch at which he told me if there was ever an emergency I could call his cell and he’d help me out, she was very rude once again denying that Mr. Mitch would even suggest such a thing and that he has another say over who she Accepts as a customer. I was really shocked at such a horrible experience at that store after having Nothing but great encounters with Mitch and his Staff at the other Location. Very disappointed being treated that way.

Ryan Davis
3 months ago