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Boone Drug at Deerfield

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Boone Drug at Deerfield
Boone Drug at Deerfield
Boone Drug at Deerfield
Boone Drug at Deerfield

Top Reviews

Great staff !! Love you guys !! Love all the goodies in here ! From sourdough bread to Yankee Candles. Great unique gifts to find here too !! They have a huge variety of Scrubs, shoes, socks, books and toys for kids...

5 / 5
N Chapko
3 months ago

Friendly homey star of a local pharmacy chain where everyone knows your name and you can purchase the local Sourdough Lady's sweet cinnamon rolls. Resembles a country variety store with everything from walking shoes to home decor. Love it!

5 / 5
D Godwin
1 year ago

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4 / 5

Great people.

Jennifer Ankeney
1 year ago
3 / 5

Great people who really seem to care about the local community. If you have any questions the staff is happy to help in any way that they can. Though it can take a while to get prescriptions filled, I definitely prefer such a pharmacy to CVS, Walmart, or other such places.

Samuel Hancock
6 years ago
1 / 5

this location doesn't know how to respect the privacy of the customer and read scripts. They need to think about the fact that every month doesn't contain 30 days & before they tell someone in need of medicine that their "meds are too soon" to be filled, they need to do the math themselves and when asked by the patient to the call the doctor they should call the doctor. Up to this point I've had good experiences, however I'm not sure if I will ever return to this location again due to the unprofessionalism & disrespect I received today from one of the employees. Definitely not worth the hastle of going there..

Vic Corbett
18 days ago