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Excellent service

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Alex Leu
8 months ago

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5 / 5


A Google User
6 years ago
4 / 5

Great pharmacy, they just need to stay open later.

mark green
2 years ago
1 / 5

Very poor customer service. I have had two recent poor experiences with them. The first was that they filled generic albuterol for my niece (when her insurance only covers brand) of a nebulized med, and didn't call my sister about it to warn her. My niece needed the nebulized med badly for an exacerbation, so my sister just purchased it (> $200) on the spot. The second: My parents purchased Vivotif for a medical mission trip to Haiti, and no one told my parents about it needing to be refrigerated. My parents purchased the Vivotif about a month before they needed to be taking it, so the Vivotif stayed unrefrigerated on the counter. My parents get the meds delivered, so the delivery person said nothing about needing to refrigerate, nowhere on the bag did it say to refrigerate, and my mom even read the patient handouts (nowhere on there did it say to refrigerate). Only because I (their daughter) am a pharmacist, did I know that it needs to be refrigerated. (I didn't know they had already purchased the Vivotif. Mom was telling me they had to start Vivotif soon, while I was home visiting, and I went to the fridge to get it out and talk to her about it. It was still on the counter, no stickers anywhere about refrigerating. This is a $150 med for ONE person.) At my pharmacy, not only do I counsel at pickup about a med needing to be refrigerated, but just in case someone forgets by the time they get home (or it's delivered, like in my parents' scenario), I write it in huge lettering on the bag. "Refrigerate immediately when home!!". These two experiences aside, this is just poor patient care. Hughes is lucky there is no Walgreens/CVS/etc competitor in E-burg.

MattBethany Kirk
11 months ago