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Pella Regional Health Center Pharmacy

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Pella Regional Health Center Pharmacy
Pella Regional Health Center Pharmacy
Pella Regional Health Center Pharmacy

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Very quick and thorough

5 / 5
Tina Beach
3 days ago

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3 / 5

Find it very hard to schedule appointments. Spent this morning (past 3 hours) trying to call multiple numbers (doctor, clinic and hospital) and are told that all circuts are busy and to try again later. A few weeks ago, dealth with the same issue of trying to reach someone to schedule another appointment. Why is it so hard to reach people to schedule appointments? Good thing this is not an emergency.

Lori Eekhoff
6 months ago
1 / 5

Used to love PRH until just a few weeks ago. My baby started getting sick with respiratory issues around July. Kept having to go back every literal month because it wouldn't completely go away. He was so congested and struggling to breathe properly. Well here comes October and he's sick AGAIN with the same issue. My mother and I had had enough and took him to the ER and demanded something get resolved. Now, you could hear him breathing from across the room and I kid you not, the doctor listens to him and says he hears nothing. NOTHING. He left the room without so much as a goodbye and we were just flabergasted. I was in tears and so frustrated. We immediately picked up and went to Blank. Even the receptionist commented how she could hear him breathing. The nurse didn't even wait for the doctor to give him treatment because it was that bad. We were actually treated like this was serious and given a diagnosis and medication. And wouldn't you believe it, he actually got better and it hasn't come back yet. What a surprise I know! I disputed my bill with Pella and after a review they came back and said they won't get rid of the bill because the care we were given was appropriate. I am fuming right now to say the least. They are only concerned with covering their butts.

Kilie Steel
1 month ago
1 / 5

After three different appointments and getting absolutely nowhere I don't even know why I'm gonna bother to make another appointment. No one there listens to your problems or even cares. How can you go to the same hospital three different times explain the same thing every time get three different answers and still nothing ever gets resolved? There is a serious problem with the staffing and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Sincerely.

Andrew H
9 months ago
1 / 5

Terrible experience with 3 doctors there, billing me for tests I didn't agree to and running tests instead of the ones that we discussed. It was only with threatening malpractice they admitted they made the mistake instead of forcing me to pay the bill. No compassion for women's health, I was very sick and the doctor kept openly accusing me of being anorexic for attention until my blood tests proved him wrong(my new doctor at a better hospital found multiple TUMORS). Also have had MANY ISSUES with billing screw-ups, I sat in their office for 2 hours to clear a bills because I was moving and was promised I would not be receiving any more because I was cleared in their system. Fast forward a few months and I get ANOTHER BILL! Very unorganized and unprofessional

10 months ago