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Strawberry Hills-New Holt

3.5 / 5.0

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Strawberry Hills-New Holt

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Daniel and the whole gang go out of their way to help! Great people = Great experience! Thank you!

5 / 5
Danny Woods
6 months ago

Strawberry Hills has made me a believer in customer service again. The staff knows me by name when I walk in the door and is always so helpful. I cannot say enough about Daniel and his staff. They bring back the days of true hometown hospitality and pride in their craft.

5 / 5
Rita Beames
9 months ago

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5 / 5

I just so happen to enjoy using Strawberry Hill pharmacy! Its a small pharmacy and you get better one in one care. Not to mention you get your prescriptions fast.(as I was writing this review I was called to get my prescription). When dealing with people one should remember, not everyone in this world us as friendly as you would like for them to be. God Bless!!

Miss Butcher
1 year ago
1 / 5

I had to give them one star because Google doesn't give the option to award negative stars. Service at Strawberry Hills Pharmacy in the past was very good but growth has not been good for them. A trip to Strawberry Hills Pharmacy anymore is almost brutally painful. It seems like there's some sort of issue every time I go there. Either the prescription hasn't been filled, pricing wrong because of the way it was filed with insurance, don't have medication or a problem with the prescription. I hate it when my wife asks me to pick up a prescription anymore...I usually ask her if it's at Strawberry Hell.

Mike Fagan
7 months ago
1 / 5

Terrible customer service. Margaret, at the window, is very nice but there is another lady that is very rude and a man that literally pointed very rudely at my husband when he was speaking to him. I have to deal with them a lot due to my son's condition and they do not make it an easy, or a pleasurable experience. I am on the phone with them every other day for a week each month trying to sort this one medication out. This month, they told my husband that a script was denied so I called Vanderbilt to get it sorted out. When the nurse from Vanderbilt called, the pharmacy told them something completely different. BIG MESS. No one knows what they are doing or how to properly handle a situation there. Unfortunately, they are one of the only places in this area that can compound the medicine he needs. I usually do not write bad reviews, I like to talk to the owners and explain the problem. However, it doesn't seem that the workers care enough to address the problems taking place.

Samantha Powell
1 year ago