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Northgate Pharmacy-Bowling Green

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Friendly staff, very fast and efficient, will do what they can to get what you want and need

5 / 5
Phyllis Jones
6 months ago

Quick place to fill your meds and friendly stuff

5 / 5
Lindsey R
7 months ago

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Blatant racism thinly disguised as red tape. My husband and I are an inter-racial couple. We walked in, received a dirty look. We were trying to get a prescription filled for our 10 year old who broke his hand while we were camping and needed Tylenol 3 for pain. Initially they said they could not fill it based on our insurance card, it was not a prescription card. I am a medical provider and known that you have to run the cards to determine benefits on some cards. I stated we use it all the time for prescriptions. Then she said the prescription was not valid because it was written in Florida, where we are from. It was written at the Kentucky hospital our son was treated. I told her that. Then she said she could not fill it because I did not know my 10 year old's social security and she had to have the patient's Social Security #. My 5 year old at that point asked to go to the bathroom, and we were refused, stating it was for employees only. I finally stated it is obvious you don't want to serve us. We will just go to Walgreens. She said, okay...and gave me the directions. Walgreens was able to fill it in 15 minutes, with my husband's social. It is sad that we tried to support a small business only to have such a poor experience. My next step will be to call the Kentucky licensure board and file a complaint.

Laura Zane Nwagbaraocha
3 months ago