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Lupes Drug Store Of Fairfield

4.2 / 5.0

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Lupes Drug Store Of Fairfield
Lupes Drug Store Of Fairfield
Lupes Drug Store Of Fairfield
Lupes Drug Store Of Fairfield

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Excellent and super fast service, I visit them every month, turn in my prescription and take a seat in waiting area and 10 to 15 mins later I'm called and my script is all ready and im out the door. :) love it and everyone is so nice.

5 / 5
William Ortiz
27 days ago

Good, accurate service, and excellent care.

5 / 5
Jacob Raitt
8 months ago

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5 / 5

Excellent service both in store and delivery. I had multiple problems at Walgreens and CVS-- including getting Lipitor pills in a Lasix bottle - So sad to hear about the other review- I am a minority as well- and never felt any discrimination.

Angelica Fontanez
1 year ago
3 / 5

It's great because they're very informative and nice, only thing is that they don't have plan B, so go to CVS across the street if you need those services.

Elizabeth Ashkins
9 months ago
1 / 5

Apparently Lupe's Drug Store employees and head Pharmacist have a problem with "colored people". I hesitate using this term, but from my observation the Lupe's Pharmacy is still operating in the white bread world of the 1950s where BLACKS are not welcome in their store or treated kindly. What a is in guys have lost my business. KEEP IT UP! Walgreen's would love to bulldoze your location down and place a respectable old school pharmacy that has kept up with modern times and change in our world.....Shame on you Lupe's Pharmacy.........

1 year ago