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Chelsea Pharmacy-Mi

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Chelsea Pharmacy-Mi
Chelsea Pharmacy-Mi

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I have to share, I am from out of town, and helping my mother whom is located in one of the retirement communities in Chelsea Mi. There were a few products I wanted to pick up for her while I was in town last week. I had checked with CVS because they are a well known pharmacy, but I found the staff to be unhelpful and they did not have what I was looking for. I saw the sign for the Hometown Pharmacy and decided I would stop there; they had just want I needed for my mother, as they also offered to deliver anything she would need, learning I was from out of town which was extremely helpful and will know that for the future.

5 / 5
Kay McConnell
1 month ago

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A Google User
5 years ago
4 / 5


Michael Mesko
11 months ago
4 / 5

Staff was great, they went out of there way to help me!

Ian James Mathews
6 years ago
2 / 5

I picked my uncle up from the cardiac hospital at the University of Michigan Hospital. Went straight to Chelsea, arriving at 515PM on a Saturday night. The store was completely shut down, closed. And guess what, they don't even bother to open on Sundays. . I had to call the U of M Hospital and the Doctors were good enough to send the medications to CVS in Chelsea. These were very important medications that were needed to keep his stents open. Even missing a day could cause severe consequences.. Chelsea Pharmacy had filled the prescriptions, so the insurance would not cover the new prescription. Filled them, and locked them up until Monday. Seriously. CVS was good enough to give us one pill of each of the three medications, so he would not miss the does that was so important to his health. They will call Chelsea Pharmacy and ask them void their scripts so we can get his medication from a pharmacy, that seems to care more about their customers health than they do..

Office Administrator
1 year ago