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Chase Brexton Health Care-Glen Burnie

4.2 / 5.0

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5 / 5
José Caballero
27 days ago

Staff was very polite and friendly. The waiting room had lots of seating available. I just moves to the area so I was happy to learn that they also have pediatrics across the hall.. A dentist upstairs and a pharmacy upstairs aswell. So convenient

5 / 5
Terri Moore
4 months ago

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5 / 5

The doctors are very compassionate and professional. Love the center and its clean environment . Nkechi
5 months ago
5 / 5

Love this health facility

8 months ago
2 / 5

I’ve been coming to Chase Brexton at this location for about a year now. Chase Brexton advertises itself as a trans-affirming healthcare facility but in reality, it seems like it’s only the doctors who receive any trans-specific training and even that can be hit or miss depending on the doctor. Front desk staff and nurses have publicly misgendered me several times, and I’m fairly passable in my gender so it’s particularly concerning that they continue to get pronouns wrong. Further, the waiting room is always packed with people and they’re always running behind on appointments. A greater than 30 min wait before seeing the doc for a scheduled appointment is not unheard of here. Scheduling a last minute appointment with your doc cause you’re sick? Impossible. I will say that my doctor, Dr. Byrne, has been phenomenal. While she doesn’t specialize in transgender care, she’s always very understanding and receptive to my input as a patient, and I really feel like my voice is heard. When Dr. Byrne leaves Chase Brexton to work in Gaithersburg this month, I intend to leave with her rather than take my chances trying to find another good trans-affirming doctor here. Especially since Chase Brexton is notoriously hit or miss in the trans community. Glad to leave! If you’re trans, only go here if there are no other options and you’re willing to try out a couple of doctors before finding yours.

Corey Brown
1 month ago