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The pharmacists and staff treat you as family. I can't recommend highly enough! Wonderful.

5 / 5
Bonnie C. Cisco
1 month ago

They know who you are when you walk In the door.and all about you..

5 / 5
Brenda Mcbride
7 months ago

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5 / 5


Melissa Sanders
17 days ago
5 / 5

Daryl is great!! A true blessing.. and many more are as well that work here. My Concern is the judgment I've received for being in recovery and taking Suboxone known for pain management/opioid dependency. I understand that some patients that are seeing a specialist and on this medication that saved my life do not take it seriously, but I do not fit in to that category and would appreciate not being talked down to, or judged, talked about etc. If the few people that are employed there don't understand why people have to take this medication or others, then they should do the research and ask for information rather than treat a customer poorly simply because they lack true understanding of the disease and treatment. I am not the same as I was at age 18-21 and I am 30 years old now with a family. I do not hide my past and have had in depth conversations with "my favorite Blake" and he was open minded enough to listen and understand better, and told me thank you for explaining my own personal information with him, so that he doesn't look at others the same way anymore. :) I love Section Pharmacy, and there is always people who just come across rude, but overall I would say work on this one area and you'll be PERFECT! You are like family to us and we appreciate everything you do for our family!

Brittney Turner
9 months ago
5 / 5


Jennifer Mikesell
9 months ago