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Muskegon Family Care Pharmacy

2.7 / 5.0
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Muskegon Family Care Pharmacy

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I have all my primary and women's health through Muskegon Family Care. The providers are focused on overall wellness, not just on symptoms, and they haven't done any unnecessary tests. For example, My PCP Dr. Wallace, showed me a stretch to do that eliminated my hip pain, as opposed to others who have just thrown drugs at me. My PCP is usually booked at least a month in advance, but when I have an emergency, they always get me in right away. I have never felt so "cared" for as I have with MFC. The wait times were long about a year ago, but have recently been very short.

5 / 5
Emily Buffum
2 months ago

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They talk a good game but when action is required they fall far short. I've been waiting 3 weeks for a stat referral to neurosurgery and pain management and called on it 3 times. They must be too busy chasing the all mighty dollar. 1/10/18 Update After speaking with manager Ellen I was informed I have been rude and vulgar with her people and it was "documented." After asking how I was rude and vulgar she could not cite me with any case or time of me being rude other than me asking how I was being rude was rude of me. Completely disinterested in double talk I hung up on her.

Mike Flynn
6 days ago
1 / 5

The health providers never stay very long before leaving to work somewhere better. The CEO Shelia is a two time convicted felon for larceny in the 90's and after her luxurious business trips to Vegas and Los Angeles, the feds concluded that the facility mismanaged it's funds and they don't know where federal grant money was used. Also a employee there Joshua Humphrey is now serving 28 to 51 years for drugging and raping dozens of women. They have a decent dental clinic and material infant health program but that's it. Notice how the facilities administrative board members are all church friends of the CEO Shelia. Nothing but bad news.

Patrick Bridges
27 days ago
1 / 5

The worst dentist I have ever been to. My daughter and I got there early and sat there for over an hour. We got called back and it felt like we were cattle. The Dr.s didn’t care about us at all, they didn’t even speak to us. They were just there for the paycheck that’s for sure. When we were finished we headed to checkout. The checkout woman was more worried about a staff members baby. It took 25 minutes for her to sign us out. Needles to say we will never go back.

Jewel Estlick
1 month ago
1 / 5

The dentist I saw here told me my wisdom teeth were fine and wrote it off as a sinus infection. My primary doctor did x-rays and I did not have a sinus infection. More than a year later it's even worse and just as I thought I seen another dentist and he told me exactly what I was told at Aspen dental where I couldn't afford to get the work done. My wisdom teeth definitely needs to be removed. And it's even worse for me because they are growing in sideways.

Portia Fair
2 months ago