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Muskegon Family Care Pharmacy

2.9 / 5.0
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Muskegon Family Care Pharmacy

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I have all my primary and women's health through Muskegon Family Care. The providers are focused on overall wellness, not just on symptoms, and they haven't done any unnecessary tests. For example, My PCP Dr. Wallace, showed me a stretch to do that eliminated my hip pain, as opposed to others who have just thrown drugs at me. My PCP is usually booked at least a month in advance, but when I have an emergency, they always get me in right away. I have never felt so "cared" for as I have with MFC. The wait times were long about a year ago, but have recently been very short.

5 / 5
Emily Buffum - EbuffE
22 days ago

I was late to an appointment and the friendly people at the desk got me rescheduled within 15 minutes! Really great facility, dental practitioners and staff.

5 / 5
Shiloh Lindemulder
1 month ago

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1 / 5

The wait at this place is horrible. Every appointment I've had I've had to wait up to almost an hour and I've showed up early. I'm referring to the dental facility.

Cynthia Bankhead
17 days ago
1 / 5

The dentist I saw here told me my wisdom teeth were fine and wrote it off as a sinus infection. My primary doctor did x-rays and I did not have a sinus infection. More than a year later it's even worse and just as I thought I seen another dentist and he told me exactly what I was told at Aspen dental where I couldn't afford to get the work done. My wisdom teeth definitely needs to be removed. And it's even worse for me because they are growing in sideways.

Portia Fair
18 days ago
1 / 5

The dental offices are a joke. Too many patients and not enough dentists. You WILL wait an hour or more before you get called back. And if you decide to switch dentists, good luck getting your records transferred! Its been two and a half months since I requested my records to be transferred, and they have yet to send them to my new dentist. They are all about money, not patient care. Please don't go there. You WILL regret it.

John B. Goode
7 months ago