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Sav-Rite Family Pharmacy

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Sav-Rite Family Pharmacy

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This is a friendly pharmacy. Everyone goes out of the way to help. They remember you and that makes it feel like more of a family atmosphere. Prices are better than any other pharmacy I have ever used. Been going here for 20 years. I Would never change pharmacies...ever!

5 / 5
Jill Ditman Proffitt
3 months ago

Sav- rite Family Pharmacy has been in business for so many years, ..our grandparents were known by name when they entered the door, ...even thou Bill Smith and Bill Keck had to leave us I will have to say that the staff at Sav- Rite are very friendly and respectful of each patients needs? I have one thing I would like to say, my Dr calls meds in for their patients on a weekly basis, , they complain that this pharmacy makes the person calling in our prescriptions set and always put either on hold or held up for many many minutes, before their call is answered. The only reason I mentioned it was that I has happened more than once,...

5 / 5
Twila Simmons
8 months ago

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5 / 5

The people are friendly and polite. They don't make you wait for long. Also they give you instructions to your medication s. They also have restrooms for customers.

Lenora Chastain
10 months ago
1 / 5

I did not hate it. I think its a wonderful pharmacy. Leo123
7 months ago
1 / 5

I used to love this place untill they became greedy. I feel that they don't care about the patients they are always too busy and never have enough help! They try to make you pay cash for stuff your medical will cover!

Pamela Chaney
8 months ago