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2.0 / 5.0

Drive Thru is has a long wait time compared to just going inside. Customer Service is Great by everyone except by one Female employee which gets every Dr. Order WRONG!

Travis Hutchison
1 month ago
1.0 / 5.0

It is very unfortunate that I have to give this pharmacy a one star after doing business with them for a few years . Recently I moved all my prescriptions to another pharmacy due to repeated errors there. This week I had phoned in a refill on one of my important prescriptions and told a staff person there that I would pick it up soon. After having left some new scripts for an increase in the number of capsules, I figured the new prescription would be filled in that amount. The morning I went to pick up the prescription, I brought it home only to find that they had filled the old script for 30 instead of the new script for 60 so I called them and was told they would get the remaining number ready for me. No apologies at all at any time. Then the next morning I called to add two more refills and was told they would get it ready. Thinking all would be taken care of so I went to pick up my prescriptions and was given a bag that I should have looked in but didn't. After getting home I noticed that the original script for the increase in capsules from 30 to the remaining 30 to fill the new script was missing in the bag! The same problem had occurred numerous times in the past but it was this last trip that the "straw broke the camels back" and I no longer wanted to trust my business with this pharmacy. After making 3 trips to Tellico Drugs & Wellness to pick up missing scripts I decided that if their staff there was in the habit of making these kinds of mistakes on a regular basis, I would move all my scripts to another pharmacy. I was always under the impression that drug stores cannot make mistakes, but found out the hard way that this particular pharmacy does indeed make frequent mistakes. I think that this pharmacy should re-train all staff members to avoid these kinds of errors especially to senior citizens like myself who find it increasingly difficult to drive a vehicle.

Marie Morris
2 months ago


707 Veterans Memorial DriveTellico Plains, Tennessee  37385


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