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Avella Of Denver, Inc.

3.2 / 5.0

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Avella Of Denver, Inc.
Avella Of Denver, Inc.
Avella Of Denver, Inc.
Avella Of Denver, Inc.

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Went out of their way to be helpful!

5 / 5
Michelle Ayala
3 days ago

The entire staff, from the Pharmacist on down to the technical support people, were very informative, pleasant to speak with and answered ALL of my questions without rushing. I appreciated that.

5 / 5
Deena Nicholson
1 month ago

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5 / 5

Very nice and informative staff. Eager to assist their customers.

Doni Maxwell
4 months ago
5 / 5

I had a great experience with Avella. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful. Originally, I was supposed to have a $200/month copay, but when I expressed my concerns, they called the company and got copay assistance for me so it's $0. They did this and had the medicine ready for me the same day!

Lora Oliver
5 months ago
1 / 5

The worst pharmacy I've ever had the experience of "working" with since moving to Denver, CO. As a patient...no matter what the medication, don't expect callbacks. They just don't call back when running into issues with insurance or Dr. verification. You will have to continually schedule outlook reminders to keep on them for refills, validation of delivery, etc. I don't appreciate when people don't do their job or follow up, and therefore I'm not going to give a halfway-decent review for terrible service. Denver might be busy and growing like mad, but when it starts to impact your service, make the proper changes.

Brandon Jozsa
12 days ago