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Valucare Health Mart Pharmacy

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Valucare Health Mart Pharmacy

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They are like Cheers, everybody knows your name :)

5 / 5
Amy Forsberg
7 months ago

Very friendly, thoughtful people. It's a small place, so no long lines, but a wide array of supplies and medications. I could not be happier with the service on my compounded prescriptions. Truly a full service pharmacy in a self-service world.

5 / 5
Cynthia Bickler
8 months ago

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4 / 5

I have been using this pharmacy for a few years now and I have always had very good experiences. The pharmacistsender have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately I have a few health conditions and have had 4 surgeries in the past 3yrs so I have had plenty of experiences with other "chain" pharmacies and I definitely appreciate the way Valuecare treats the customers as individuals. It's refreshing to feel welcomed and known by a name and a patient rather than the usual "Insurance card please?". I also enjoy speaking to the techs (some more than others) who are professional and if they have the time,very friendly. Wish there were more old school,but up to date like Valuecare pharmacies around.

Laurie Walker
1 year ago
1 / 5

Horrid attitude & customer service, it makes you wonder how they're still in business?? They basically called my elderly Mother a liar! We try to support local small business, my family and friends will NEVER shop here again!

Bruce Sielen
2 months ago
1 / 5

I wouldn't normally publicly shame anyone, but after the experience I've had at ValuCare Pharmacy in Waukesha, I want to make sure that none of my friends give them their business. I was getting a compounded medication from ValuCare. Compounded medications are not normally covered by insurance; therefore, the pharmacy would not even try to file with my insurance the first time I filled my prescription. So I called my insurance company, and they sent me a Universal Reimbursement form. I filled out all of my areas on the form, highlighted the portions that the ValuCare pharmacist needed to fill out, and provided an addressed and stamped envelope. I was trying to be as proactive as possible. The pharmacist - a very pleasant looking woman smiling on their website - would not even touch the form I tried to give her. (Ironically, she never smiled at me. You can't believe everything you see on a website, I guess). She told me she wasn't allowed to fill out a reimbursement form and that I needed to do it myself. When I pointed out that there were sections of it that I couldn't possibly fill out (like her signature), she just shrugged. When I questioned why she was so unwilling to help me, her response was that I needed to talk to my insurance company. I reminded her that I had and that was how I received the form she needed to fill out. Then I said that maybe I just needed to find a different pharmacy, and she replied, "Go ahead." Shocked, I responded, "Wooow!" Then she said she'd take my card and try to file it electronically. "Why wouldn't you do that in the first place?" I asked. She said again that compounded medications aren't usually covered. As it turns out, this one was, but my claim was rejected because she filled something out incorrectly in the computer on her end. Nevertheless, after her cold, rude treatment of me, I going to MD Custom RX in Brookfield, where my medication is less expensive and where they automatically fill out the same Universal Reimbursement form that I tried to give to ValuCare. Maybe things would have gone better for me if I'd been older and on medicare like the people in the website pics and Facebook pics.

K. Matt
1 year ago