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3.7 / 5.0

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Fast, and best pharmacy in fort lee area. The asian guy was very helpful. He assisted me with everything I needed, asked me if I had any partial questions and so on. I enjoy coming here. Everything in the pharmacy looks well and organized. And lastly, the pharmacy has almost everything you need from wheelchairs to toilets.

5.0 / 5.0
6 months ago

They are fast, polite and remember you. The way the old fashioned pharmacies used to be, pleasant and knowledgeable- not like at chain pharmacies where you can't get a hold of anybody and you wait forever. And the delivery is such a plus!!

5.0 / 5.0
Natalia Bar
1 year ago

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1.0 / 5.0

Dave the pharmacist is very nice. Can't say the same for the staff. One guy in particular practically yelled at me when i asked which of the 2 pill bottles had the medicine in. I'm new to this place. I'll be finishing my refills here and going else where.

Debbie Shinn
6 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

I can't believe any of these positive reviews on here, they must have been posted by associates off the owner (it has been confirmed that SREEDHAR VAGINANALLI or however it's spelled is an owner of this establishment). Very rude staff, not helpful at all, pharmacist was very rude to both me and his staff. Gave me the wrong medication and had to make a second trip, and when I got there the pharmacist was unapologetic and still very rude.

Carlos Rodriguez
8 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

My experience was terrible. First and foremost, when you go in this place it is very dirty and unclean, so disorganized. Secondly I want to give this place no stars. I recently had a prescription delivered to my home, however upon delivery the medication had the name of another person so it was returned to the delivery man. I called the pharmacy the next day to see when the correct medication would be delivered. When I spoke with David, he claims that the delivery man completed the delivery and left the medication at the door. This is a farce because I never received any medication at my door. David the pharmacist says that the delivery man delivered my medication by leaving it at the front door after ringing the bell and no one answered. I think this is the first red flag as the medication should not have been left at the front door. I can't believe this is acceptable. I mean the medication is not in a sealed bag, just a bag with an opening where anyone can look inside to see what medication is inside. I even called through my insurance company CIGNA, who absurdely claims there is nothing that can be done unless the pharmacy agrees to reverse the claim. But since a claim was already submitted there is nothing that can be done according to Jennifer and Marissa from CIGNA. I am disgusted at how poorly this pharmacy is dealing with this situation. I cannot phathom how anyone can accept this type of service. I would be warned going to this pharmacy as they make errors and hold the customer responsible when that is just unethical. I have to still pay the co-payment for the medication, which I don't think I should have to. I am losing both the medication and my money. This is awful, I mean what if I was some elderly person or someone who has a mental illness and would not know how to deal with this situation. This pharmacy takes advantage of people and abuses their authority by making claims that are not true and still charging the customer at the end. I hope everyone will read this and choose to go to a different pharmacy. Imagine your own elderly mother or sick grandmother having to deal with this type of treatment, it is unacceptable. Luckily I have all my faculties intact and can advocate for myself. Please be cautious if you do go to this Americare Pharmacy.

Rose Ann Kim
11 months ago


511 Main StreetFort Lee, New Jersey  07024


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