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Colorado State Universitypharmacy

3.9 / 5.0
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Colorado State Universitypharmacy
Colorado State Universitypharmacy
Colorado State Universitypharmacy
Colorado State Universitypharmacy

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Jon Matthews is an excellent doctor. I normally hate going to any biomedical practitioner, but I was pleasantly surprised by my visit with Dr. Matthews. He is so friendly and informative. It is almost like visiting a very intelligent friend.

5 / 5
Kassie Roeser
26 days ago

Excellent and speedy service

5 / 5
Addison Phillips
2 months ago

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4 / 5

Looking for pharmacy hours, can't find that info anywhere

Potter Bauer
2 months ago
2 / 5

The health services building has done a great job at hiring friendly and qualified people to staff their building, however it does come with a caveat. After receiving healthcare there, and using my insurance card to cover it, I thought that my experience here was done, or at least they would contact me to notify me otherwise. But no, I later found a mystery charge on my student account, and since I had graduated I assumed that it was a clerical error. This has to be one of the rudest ways to find out that you're being billed. A phone call or even an email directly from them would have sufficed, but I didn't hear anything from them, just a random charge popped up on my account. On top of this, that visit was very expensive for having insurance. I had used CU Colorado Springs's services without insurance (they wouldn't take outside insurance) for 1/3 of the cost for comparable services, 1/3 of the price!!! TLDR: Great physicians, horrible communication

Christian Poirot
3 months ago
1 / 5

Garbage. If you want to deal with morons for hours at a time and not get treated, this is the place for you. Inadequate care, horrible scheduling, plethora of morons.

Hannah Rigdon
6 days ago