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Avella Of Columbus, Inc.

2.8 / 5.0
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Great staff and excellent customer service

5.0 / 5.0
Roy Sizemore
2 years ago

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1.0 / 5.0

Terrible pharmacy to deal with operationally. They missed shipping a medication so I cancelled the order. Now I am dealing with getting a refund. I have probably called them at least 5-6 times over one order. When you call, you are routed to a "central" call center that really has no idea what is going on. Choose BraunPharmaCare in Chicago. I used them initially to fill my medications and they were FLAWLESS. I spoke to them only once and they shipped and delivered the medications on time. I will never go back to Avella despite the pharmacy being local to me, and I would advise you not to either.

3 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

Absolutely terrible. I wish I could use a different pharmacy. I've already contacted my insurance to provide feedback. You wait on hold forever to get someone that doesn't know what is going on. You have to start from scratch every time and just hope this person is right and I'll get the medicine by the time I need it. They have messed up my medicine on way to many occasions. The majority of the staff seem less than enthused and sound like they could care less. Overall, avoid if you can!

Jamie J
4 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

I have to call every month to have my prescriptions tracked. Always an exusse. They don't seam to understand that medicine can't be stopped abruptly. Use to ship from 2 hr. Away, now ships across the country. I don't get it. So sick of them.

that YouTube girl anything is Everything
2 years ago
1.0 / 5.0

I went in to get my prescription which I have needed monthly for the past 5 months. I stated the two last names it could be under & the cashier told me it was under my new married name. They charged me (it had been free prior to this because of hitting my detectable in 2017). I did not think anything of it because I still had to meet my detectable this year and knew there would be a charge. So I waited a couple weeks & did not see it come across my insurance statement. At this point I hit my deductible so needed to be reimbursed my $ I paid Avella so that I could pay my other bills with the $ that they took from my HSA account set aside with the exact amount needed for my deductible. I called and the lady who answered seemed clueless. She said that it was not ran through my insurance & that she could do nothing about it except send me papers for me to try and get my $ through my insurance. When asked why someone would have changed this without my permission she didn't know. I then told her about the name change and she said that's most likely what happened. I spoke with the manager and she told me this is what happened (which I knew because I am the one who told the cashier that). She told me they are treating me like a new patient. 1) If you are telling me you are treating me as a new patient then why would you not ask me if I have insurance just like when I was actually a new patient? 2) It should not be on the customer to have to correct your mistake when it was clearly on Avella's end. The manager said "if you notice something not right with the price tell us next time." Luckily there will not be a next time. Already called my insurance and will be ordering my medications through express scripts. I suggest this for anyone who has the option.

Jena Hallahan
2 years ago


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