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Medical Center Pharmacy-Salt Lake City

3.3 / 5.0

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Medical Center Pharmacy-Salt Lake City
Medical Center Pharmacy-Salt Lake City

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Definitely a small hospital, but don't let the size fool you. I have had 2 separate surgeries at that hospital, both utilizing their specialized orthopedic floor, and the associated highly qualified orthopedic surgeons that use that hospital. All the staff was amazing, but I definitely need to thank Joan, who basically is the Mama Bear of the ortho floor. She was incredibly efficient, caring, not only with me but also for the hospital. Her care and concern for the facility should get her a seat on the board, if she doesn't already have one. Nurse Kathy in the same day surgery, also the Mama Bear of that area, super professional, probably the best nurse I have been blessed to have work with/on me. I am not sure if she would want to be on the board, but if she's not already the head nurse of the same day surgery wing, she should be on the list for that position. In closing, if and when I ever need surgery or to be hospitalized again, there is not another place on the planet I would rather be. THANK YOU!

5 / 5
Ben Shaffer
17 days ago

Everyone there was very helpful and friendly... from the people at registration, to the nurses and doctors, and even the people in billing. I have to say that we haven't had the same experience at the IHC facilities we have visited. This is a much better-run hospital.

5 / 5
Keanen Farr
1 month ago

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5 / 5

Delivered my baby back in April and the experience was beyond excellent. The staff made us feel welcomed and cared for the entire time we were there. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Ivette Hernandez
2 months ago
5 / 5

One of the best, if not the best, ER I have ever been to -- and I have been traveling the country for the past year. Incredibly friendly and kind staff. Very attentive and willing to listen and learn. Dr. Grace is a blessing. Thank you all for your help. All the best!

Arnie Rodriguez
3 months ago
4 / 5

I went go the ER a couple of times, had to stay overnight, and I also had my baby there. I always found the place very nice and the nurses are always professional and kind. I never waited in the ER waiting room for very long but one day when I was in a lot of pain I waited in a room for a long long time before someone was able to help me and another time I had a minor burn and they did not have anything to treat it or to relieve the pain and they kept me long enough that by the time I was out the pharmacies were closed. They have an awesome maternity wing with very nice rooms, very nice delivery rooms and great staff.

Morgane Walton
6 days ago