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UPS needs to stop using this as an access point. Store was suppose to open at 9:30 it's now 11. What's worse is that there's an older man out here saying he desperately needs his medication. Smh I was looking for a new pharmacy myself but it won't be this place! I worked at CVS for six years we would NEVER let the pharmacy not be open because we knew people's lives were literally at stake.

La'Nise Harrington
4 months ago
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UPDATE: I have contacted UPS regarding this location and the lack of professionalism. Due to the incident I refuse to pick up my packages from this location. *** I was told by UPS that if enough people file a complaint with UPS that they will remove the UPS lockers. Today I went to pick up a package and the lady starts fussing about parents bringing their children in the store and some child writing on her counter with nail polish. I was told that I either need to leave my children in the car or they need to sit down. I receive compliments on my children's behavior everywhere we go so I know her issue was not with me. We will not be visiting this location again.

5 months ago
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Very unprofessional...first visit and last. Nothing but attitude given when I walked in. Older lady look at my prescription and said we don't have it...and sat it on the counter. Umm, excuse me!! What you won't have is an "attitude"!! Good day Grinch...

ShaRhonda Haynes
6 months ago
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Extremely RUDE and unprofessional. I called inquiring about the location of the locker and the lady who answered the phone didn't allow me to speak before she yelled and hung up in my face.

Cassandra Archer
9 months ago
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The closing hours on the weekdays are actually 6:30pm, not 7pm. I tried to go there today to pickup a package and since they don't have a website I relied on the other sites to tell me their hours and they are all wrong. I showed up at 6:45pm and the doors were locked. Annoyed that a UPS access point has such limited hours for me to pick up my packages. Please make a website or even a Facebook page so that your official information is available. This is the second time I have attempted to pick up a package just to find out their hours are VERY limited. (The last time was when they were closed for four days in a row over Thanksgiving making it impossible for me to pickup my package in a timely fashion).

April Upplegger
11 months ago