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Cash Saver Pharmacy #19

3.6 / 5.0
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Cash Saver Pharmacy #19
Cash Saver Pharmacy #19
Cash Saver Pharmacy #19
Cash Saver Pharmacy #19

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4 / 5

Good produce and meat. Nice clerks and managers. Only catch, the extra 10% they charge after your total is rung up.

Aundria Hall
17 days ago
3 / 5

The prices suppose to be low but they are you will do better going to Wal-Mart

Latonya Christian
1 month ago
2 / 5

I don't know about a store adding it's own 10%. Who's to say they might want to go up to 20 or 30%?

nathan stinson
1 month ago
2 / 5

Where as the pricing is good, the quality of the food is low. I guess these stores think low income areas don't deserve fresh produce or meats. There is a lot of high sodium and processed foods being sold to an area where heart disease is prevelant. I wouldn't shop here on a regular basis. But those who have no choice deserve better!

Karen Fields
3 months ago
1 / 5

This place i only use for convience and immediate use of items necessary at that moment. At the end of your reciept total the store gets an additional 20% of your total purchase. So you do the math. U spend $100 on groceries. The store charges u an additional $20totaling $120 spent on a $100 worth of product.

Toni Bogard
19 days ago