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Medical Pharmacy-Willimantic

3.6 / 5.0

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Medical Pharmacy-Willimantic
Medical Pharmacy-Willimantic
Medical Pharmacy-Willimantic
Medical Pharmacy-Willimantic

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I love Medical Pharmacy!! They delivered to my house in Franklin for many years for my son's medical supplies and then to Amston when he moved to a group home. Always delivered when they said they would too! All the reps are friendly and caring. The pharmacists are always helpful and professional if I ever have a question. We moved to Windham and now they assist me for all my prescriptions and medical supplies. If there is a problem with an RX, they call me to alert me. I requested that and they follow through each time. Medical Pharmacy has a compassionate group of caring employees and I' m very thankful for their wonderful service.

5 / 5
Shari Drake
1 year ago

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4 / 5

Gave me a multi week run around, lost my files, and upon calling my insurance realized that they had never even started the process. Edit: got it all figured out, I was insured all along

Scott C
1 year ago
3 / 5

I like the fact that this place offers a delivery of your prescription, and when they do it* that's great, last time I ordered my prescription and ended up not receiving my prescription until i got a chance to pick it up two days later but what's worse is the attitude i get every time I'm there and especially everytime i call, i understand pharmacists are busy people and i respect that however that means nothing if you can't simply greet a person or if you act as if I'm bothering you. a little training in common courtesy would be great!

Heather Valentin
2 years ago
1 / 5

Trying to get any calls or oders ready for my c pap is ridiculous. I have no clue when things are to be replaced and replaced and no one tells me . Everytime I go in, I get a different answer when to come back for supplies . I'm looking for a new place to give my business to . And the ladies there in the CPAP area are so rude !! Jason is great but I wish he would follow up a bit more too

Jess Calaci
2 months ago
1 / 5

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES! The pharmacist assistants need training in customer service. I have been with this pharmacy for over a year now. I am switching pharmacies. I call to see if my prescriptions are ready and I get a sigh. Am giving the wrong information about my refills so I ask to speak with a pharmacist and they say ok there is no problem. They roll their eyes while there. Calling is a nightmare, they don't say goodbye just hang up on you. Don't get me wrong the PHARMACISTS are wonderful but I can't take the techs attitudes any longer!

Melissa Nadeau
1 year ago