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Total Care Rx-Flushing

4.3 / 5.0

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Top Reviews

The ladies were nice at the register.

5 / 5
Waqar Younus
1 year ago

Service here is great

5 / 5
Toby Li
2 years ago

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5 / 5

Great Pharmacy. The people are always friendly and helpful.

Abel Vasquez
2 years ago
3 / 5


Sandra Mucciardi
6 months ago
2 / 5

Update: Got brushed off twice when I called about getting a specific form of a medication filled. Showed up to find out that they decided they weren't going to fill that medication anymore and didn't contact me to tell me, or bother telling me when I called about it. Naturally, I took all my business elsewhere. Left 2 stars because everything was good until then. In addition, they have a very small selection of pharmacy items, and really high prices for those items. But they sell MetroCards, so that's useful. First review: Nice, efficient, helpful, quick.

michyun o
3 months ago