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Home Care Pharmacy, Inc.

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Joe the owner treats all his costumers .With the best service and care . I highly requiremend this pharmacy.

5 / 5
Louis Burgos
3 years ago

The staff is very helpful, and polite. Their always eager to help me out, ive been going here for years now.

5 / 5
sean corgan
4 years ago

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4 / 5

They're not perfect but they aim to please and as far as I know the only compounding pharmacy in Palm Coast. I spend a fraction of what I was paying at vet for my cats buprenorphine. Had no luck at other pharmacies. Finally called HCP pharmacy and found out they COULD compound buprenorphine. It was almost 160 a month. Now it's more like 55

Eileen Reeger
7 months ago
1 / 5

Received some of the most terrible customer service from Jim, whom I believe was a Manager...The rest of the staff was lovely and helpful, but when Jim stepped in he said verbatim " I don't care what you did or what happened...." I threatend to talk to his boss about his job, he then proceeded to say he only works there part time and if he looses the job it wouldn't bother him, I personally don't believe someone with such non-care for there job and or other person's well being should be allowed to work in a health Care facility....I will be contacting Joe the owner of said business to make sure Jim is held responsible for his decisions with his words, but as he said it shouldn't bother him to much to lose that job..

David Strom
5 months ago
1 / 5

*****Let me state first, a lot of people write bad reviews about pharmacies because they're secretly drug addicts and the pharmacy refuses to cooperate with their habit, resulting in a blow up (there was no blow up btw). I can do nothing more than offer my word on Yelp, but that was not the case when I was made to feel about the size of crumb at Home Care Pharmacy in Palm Coast today.**** Here's the issue with Home Care Pharmacy: its not the location, its easy to find; its not the decor, its clean and a typical mom and pop pharmacy; its not the prices, they're a little steep but not horrible; the problem with Home Care pharmacy is the Holier Than Thou, no time for their customers attitude that the entire line of employees have. Its starts at the bottom, where the underling employees are clueless but not mean, and crawls its way to the top where the pharmacist is a self important, arrogant, narcissist with a God complex. I called to make sure it was okay that I picked up one of my scripts early as I was going out of town. I called a month in advance to make sure this was going to be okay, this was when I found out about my trip. "Yep, no problem. Only a couple days early, no issue." is what I was told BOTH times I double checked on this matter. So the day comes and I drop off my prescriptions, the pharmacist literally told me at 2 PM it was no problem... then called me at 2:15 PM to tell me they couldn't do it and to stay with my current pharmacy. I had used a different pharmacy a few months ago ONE time to compare prices. This has not been a problem for FOUR months of filling scripts prior to this date. I was also told this was not the problem today, I was never told WHAT the problem WAS. The man's actual words, I QUOTE "STICK WITH PINNACLE, WE DON'T WANT YOUR BUSINESS". Because I'm a guy in my early 30's, I'm on anti depressants, and I have facial piercings I was immediately labeled a drug abuser. At the very least, thats how these self righteous little power trippers made me feel. My trip out of town must have been some con to get my scripts early, right? It would have been one thing if someone friendly had contacted me to offer and explanation and let me know what the deal was. Instead, the pharmacist literally said "I DON'T OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION" and when I said "I don't think its fair you treat your customers this way" the man hung up on me. I know there are two sides to every story, and I'm telling you both of them. I am not making things up, I am not adding details out of anger. I know it seems far fetched but this actually happened to me at Home Care Pharmacy in Palm Coast today. Someone should let the Pharmacist know he's not a doctor, you have to go to med school and actually learn about medicine to become a doctor, not just how to make people feel like garbage. The only good thing I can say is that the floor is not made of lava and fortunately there was no cursing or voice raising. Still, I would get off of all my medications cold turkey and just have seizures until I died before I would do business with Home Care Pharmacy in Palm Coast again. Pathetic, absolutely disgusting.

Lance Sulligan
1 year ago