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Lisa Family Pharmacy

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Lisa Family Pharmacy
Lisa Family Pharmacy
Lisa Family Pharmacy
Lisa Family Pharmacy

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I transferred all my prescriptions from rite aid because they take about an hour to fill 1 prescription. I came in at Lisa's and they were very friendly and they filled my prescription in 5 minutes!

5 / 5
Front Desk
4 months ago

They are family owned, work with all insurances, get to know you and your family, learn what each family member needs, will order medications, supplies, and over-the-counter items for you, make free deliveries a few days a week, and look out for your family. Being a family owned company, they close a little earlier than other places, take weekends and holidays off, but will fill your prescriptions before and offer to deliver. My family loves the personal care they give, knowing their names and they know our whole family's names. It's worth the little inconveniences of being a small family owned pharmacy. I recommend them to everyone.

5 / 5
Jason Cholwell
6 months ago

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Deuce Deuces
10 months ago