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Drug City Pharmacy

3.4 / 5.0

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Drug City Pharmacy
Drug City Pharmacy
Drug City Pharmacy
Drug City Pharmacy

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Excellent store for Gifts. Large selection & open 7 days a week. 👍🏻

5 / 5
Tom Hyland
7 months ago

drug city came to my rescue two times and saved my ass!. I have leukemia and the chemo pills give me lung infections. the doctors office had a problem and did not send the refill for my neb, and I called and could not fix the problem well drug city did and I got my neb. I needed an antibiotic and there was an insurance problem, they did not want to cover the cost it was $850.00 well once again drug city came to the rescue and gave me the antibiotic I very much needed. they proved to me that they really care and I cant thank them enough. so to drug city thank you. john burgoyne

5 / 5
john burgoyne Burgoyne
9 months ago

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4 / 5

This is the perfect store for last minute gifts. There is always something cute to be found. The pharmacy is well run and the staff is always pleasant.

Jacqui Michelle
4 months ago
2 / 5

My sleep medicine was transferred to another pharmacy without my say so. I asked how is this possible? And do you have a screenshot of the tracking info? He was surprised because nothing was filled about where it went. But they filled it anyway. Just a real inconvenience for a moment. I would of given 4 stars but the cashiers at the pharmacy have been consistently rude over the years. I now go to WEIS.

Erik G
2 months ago
1 / 5

They unfairly blacklist certain doctors, just found this out today when I went to get prescriptions filled that my father needs today. Will never come back they just lost a ten + year customer.

Christie Powell
7 months ago