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Family Pharmacy-Newberry

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Very high quality pharmacy, excellent service,friendly an very knowledgeable,

5 / 5
Denise Mills
1 month ago

I previously had all my presciptions filled at Kroger.Then I noticed there was a new pharmacy opening just a few blocks from my house on the Southside.So I Decided why not give them a try.They are a local family owned pharmacy so I thought maybe I can get personal service and support and spend my money at a locally owned Business in the process.Well they definitely exceeded ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS.Brandi who is the pharmacist at the Southside location is always sooo nice and no matter how busy they are is always willing to help or answer any questions.And it is so nice when you walk in To have a Pharmacist and the staff (who are just amazing)remember your name.And whenever Jay happens to be there when I call I don't even have to say my name.He literally says"Hey Brad,How are you".Now How many Pharmacist know your name just by your voice.If Jay happens to be there i always talk to him for a while(as long as he is not to busy) Because he is ALWAYS !!!!! so friendly and Has the best attitude.I always leave in a better mood than when I came in.Brandi and the whole staff are like that as well. not to get into a long story about insurance and prescriptions But there have been MANY times when there was some conflict with my insurance,my Prescription,and maybe how the scipt was written.And They went out of there way until the problem was resolved.unless it happens to be a Sunday I will always use Aiken family Pharmacy.if your looking for a real family/friendly place to get your prescriptions filled,Or compounded.They mix presciptions as well.I would highly suggest"The sweet tea" of pharmacies in Aiken.Because That's how it feels.Like a down home southern hospitality pharmacy.Both locations of AIKEN FAMILY PHARMACY.

5 / 5
Brad Sidwell
2 months ago

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5 / 5

---I have been getting all of my family's prescriptions from Family Pharmacy for--let's see--longer than I can remember (let's say, 15 years)...And, like too many of us, when I am thrilled with an establishment's goods and services...when I know that I've found a "very special" place (with long-term, happy staff), I will recommend it to everyone---but, rarely take the time to write a review...Not today... ---Because I've always believed that EVERYONE "deserves" to be treated well by the businesses they patronize -- and, because entering an establishment where EVERYONE (from the salesgirl to the pharmacist) knows your name (and greets you, as if they couldn't WAIT to see you) seems to be a long-lost custom, it's only fair that I take the time to share my knowledge of this jewel-of-a-place... ---If you're looking for a new pharmacy, because you're tired of being "just a number"...If you want to patronize a "pill provider" whose pharmacist(s) always take the time to answer any questions you might have about your medications, and their effects on your condition(s)--and where "asking" doesn't leave you feeling rushed (or, worse: foolish)....If you're looking for a "whole body health" pharmacy, that offers both conventional--and compounded --medicines (with a staff that is intimately aware of YOUR particular health needs)....You'll find that Aiken's Family Pharmacy is not only a perfect fit---you'll never "go back" to your former "Big Box" pharmacy again (honest).... ---This wonderful, family-owned and operated pharmacy in Aiken (2 locations!), consistently provides the type of service our grandparents and great-grandparents EXPECTED from their community businesses--where everyone in town knew each other (and looked after each other). Owner Jay Watts (bless his heart) is the epitome of the caring "small town pharmacist" (and you will find his daughter running the Southside location)...Jay and his staff really care about both their patients--and their community (even providing a "delivery service," when you're feeling too "under the weather" to drive)... ---No..."old time" great service, and caring staff aren't extinct---you'll find them at Aiken's Family Pharmacy....(Pass it on)....

Gayle Elizabeth
2 months ago
5 / 5

Everyone at both locations are always so nice and helpful. Thank you!!

Jamielee Gifford
2 months ago
5 / 5

Always fast and friendly. Good pricing. Convenient location.

Julie Halvorsen
2 months ago