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Rainbow Pharmacy, Llc

4.7 / 5.0

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Rainbow Pharmacy, Llc
Rainbow Pharmacy, Llc
Rainbow Pharmacy, Llc
Rainbow Pharmacy, Llc

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What a great experience at this pharmacy in south Kihei. Despite arriving at 5:30 pm when the doors were locked, the pharmacist opened them for me and helped me find what was needed for our 17 month grand-daughter. He went the extra mile of calculating the exact amount of the pediatric liquid allergy medicine she could have based on her weight, and wrote out instructions. Thanks so much.

5 / 5
romie christie
8 days ago

Nicest pharmacy, prescriptions ready in under 10 mins

5 / 5
Jason Moncibais
8 months ago

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5 / 5

This was the most friendly group of people woking side by side to take of your every need that is wat most place forget is the aloha that is most important thing to have when you first walk in to this place is awsome.

Nile Nakagawa
11 months ago
3 / 5

While I feel no different about my review, I realized a 1 star rating was unfair! I've been a loyal customer for over 7 years and up until recently, Rainbow was 5 Stars all the way and I would never have considered going elsewhere. I just wish things could be the way they were. I've been a loyal customer of rainbow pharmacy since Kert first opened his doors seven some odd years ago, and I was one of the first customers in that system. Since Kert has gone, the service has become more like every other pharmacy, impersonal and without consideration, everything I dislike about pharmacies! My loyalty means nothing and nether does the seven years of MONTHLY business I've EXCLUSIVELY given! I shouldn't be thrown out with the bath water, I should be given consideration for all my business and loyalty to this pharmacy! Kert used to give consideration to customers! Instead I'm forced to fight for scraps or emerge and find another pharmacy, at the most precarious time in the history of pharmacies! Why are they not running Kert's business the way he did?

Tee Kiefer
5 days ago
1 / 5

I've never been treated with less respect than I have here. I would HIGHLY advice going to Longs, Wailea Pharmacy or anywhere else, just NOT here. The pharmacist knows nothing, gave wrong RX to a friend of mine and that's the HEAD pharmacist...

Lisa Meador
2 months ago