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Saginaw Pharmacy

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Saginaw Pharmacy
Saginaw Pharmacy
Saginaw Pharmacy
Saginaw Pharmacy

Top Reviews

You will never find a pharmacy as caring,amazing,fast,and totally on top of everything and anything you need! If you haven't tried them do it now! You will be amazed and will never want to use a chain pharmacy again!!!

5 / 5
Allison Parchman
1 month ago

Very friendly staff, customer service is outstanding!! I highly recommend!!

5 / 5
Jenny W
3 months ago

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5 / 5

Greatest Pharmacy you will ever visit. The staff is the best, and they care about you. You'll never go anywhere else again.

Brian Traughber
4 months ago
5 / 5

you are treated like a person, given first name care. I guess this is what we miss when the giants like Walmart and Walgreens take over. The personal touch is wonderful in comparison to the "next please" culture of the large pharmacies.

Justin Cook
6 months ago
5 / 5

Fantastic, personal service. These folks are friendly, attentive, and never put you on eternal hold. They quickly look up your profile and take care of delivery and doctors' orders. I would recommend their brilliant customer service oriented store to everyone in town. Thanks for bringing back great service!

Cowtown Minimalist
7 months ago