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Tim's Pharmacy & Gift Shop

4.2 / 5.0

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The people inside are kind and always helpful. Ben (pharmacist) goes out of his way to help with insurance issues and when you go in you feel like they care about you personally.

5 / 5
Rahsaan Harris
10 days ago

Very friendly staff and they go the fastest they can. It's a nice friendly local place.

5 / 5
Jacob Dean
14 days ago

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3 / 5

I'm terms of the pharmacy, the service has been great. As far as the store goes, I love walking around and looking at all the cool items they have but Lord help you if you encounter a staff member. I'd been in there 3 times and every single time I encountered a rude staff. My mother tried asking a staff member what a certain product was and she answered her rudely while walking away and not once looking at her. The girl working the truffle area spoke to us like we were stupid and when we went to check out our items, the cashier looked pissed off at the world. Great place to get your prescriptions and browse but don't expect to be treated with any kind of recent customer service.

Steven Haley
4 months ago
2 / 5

In terms of the store and the people working here I think the service is fine. Just like any business. I think however the customers who complain about "bad service" before they close is a little bias. The people work here and deal with a lot just like anyone in any job. If you say you were there 15 minutes before they close I gaurentee you that it was closer to actually closing then you thought. Don't bash on the employees for just wanting to go home to their families as you are with yours. Sure the service should still be respectable but put yourself in their situation. Come on, don't be so self absorbed. Yes they are there to serve you but I respect them if the customers are rude and walks out saying "everyone here is bitches" like a customer I witnessed one night with her family for sure you are the one who created the bad service for yourself and your family. I am a regular here and I understand the bad days and experience good days as well. Tims is a good place and the people are good people.

Mohammad Alexander
4 months ago
1 / 5

The rudest customer service experience I have experienced in Yelm. The store itself was great. There is a large variety of items, pretty much something for everyone. It wasn't till I interacted with the staff, that things went south. It was about 20 minutes before closing, and the entire time my family and I felt rushed, like we didn't belong there. We got ice cream in the back which was excellent, however the lady who took our order and cashed us out was basically mute. The type of attitude you receive when someone is upset, where they moped around and made us feel incredibly awkward. Maybe it's just me but I'm when dealing with customers, eye contact and more than mumbling sounds out of your mouth goes a long way.

Adam Serella
5 months ago