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Benzer Pharmacy 128

3.0 / 5.0
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really nice customer service love this pharmacy because they always have my Spanish products they always help me in Spanish witch I love the most! really nice pharmacy right across the street, love the free delivery and best part that they bit the price and make prescriptions price so affordable! I am not going to go any chain pharmacy!!!!!!!!! Rx care pharmacy is the best pharmacy to go!!!

5.0 / 5.0
Adin Salmeron
6 years ago

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1.0 / 5.0

Miscounted my wife and myself several times in opiates and anxiety medication. Too the point where we started having to count the pills on the counter in front of the pharmacist before we left. And guess what..I was still missing 7 ativan and she had just filled it, she is either a thief, an addict, incompetent, or all the above..we stopped going there completely...she refused to make anything good other than when we caught her (Prianka) red handed. Told us the opiate manufacturer had shorted her on several of her last bottles, but refused to reimburse us for what she shorted us, also refused to include us in any report to the manufacturer. She told us we would have to call them can guess how well that worked wife was a pharmacy tech for a decade and the manufacturer was Mallenkrodt. My wife said this manufacturer was well known to her and a huge supplier of medications..and in ten years she had never EVER EVER seen them be short on any medication she counted for a customer, or while conducting inventories... Pathetic..drug addict anyone? I think so

Kenny Johnson
3 years ago


7701 Sharon Lakes Road #hCharlotte, North Carolina  28210


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