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Sierra Blanca Pharmacy

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Sierra Blanca Pharmacy
Sierra Blanca Pharmacy
Sierra Blanca Pharmacy
Sierra Blanca Pharmacy

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Great little pharmacy on the north edge of town. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the pharmacist staff more then knowledgeable​. I have known the head pharmacist (and owner of the pharmacy) here for over a decade, and he has always been more than helpful in so many ways. I take several medications on a monthly basis, and I can't count the times he has helped make sure I get the meds I need, and save me money if it's possible. They even offer delivery when you need it at no charge. I have read some of the negative reviews of Sierra Blanca Pharmacy. I just find some of the actions described are so out of character from my experiences that they are hard to believe. I'm not saying those reviewers are posting exaggerated stories, but after being a customer for a long time, and being in the store on countless occasions, I have never seen any actions by any staff member that even comes close to the actions described by those negative reviews. All I know is that they are a "small town pharmacy" with personal customer service, that offers high tech ways of helping you keep track of your medications and costs in the comfort of your home. If you're tired of standing in line at Walgreens or Walmart for medications, give them a try one time, I think you'll be more than pleased.

5 / 5
matt ponteri
28 days ago

This is the best pharmacy anywhere !! They know your name when you walk in. They even deliver if you cannot get there. I highly recommend them.

5 / 5
Joe Villarreal
8 months ago

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5 / 5

After waiting in line at Walgreens for 45 minutes to get a shingles shot just to find out that they have a policy that you must be over 65 years of age to get a shingles shot or a doctors prescription, its a corporate policy. My husband came down with shingles at age 62 and I needed to get the vaccine. I went to Sierra Blanca with no waiting and no prescription needed. I am 58 years of age. Great customer service! They also are the only compounding pharmacy in town. They are a real home town business. Which is nice to have in this small town.

J Alexander
2 years ago
1 / 5

I have been disabled the last three years due to medical issues. I am prescribed multiple medications, including chemotherapy, to manage my conditions. I have been filling a couple prescriptions, including a prescription for steroids for my dog, at Sierra Blanca Pharmacy, despite the fact that they have inconvenient hours, no drive through, and don't carry other products which are on my weekly shopping list. Despite this, nearly every time I go in to purchase my prescription I also spent my money on a candle or greeting card or something else. Problems began to arise when my physician prescribed me a pain medication patch. It was a prescription I had never used, and I had questions. I went to Sierra Blanca Pharmacy and asked for assistance and was told to check for information online rather than having my question answered by a pharmacy technician. I asked Mr. Woodall if he would order a different brand of patch, and he said no, that it was not cost effective for him to carry that brand. I took my prescription the next month to Walgreens to try a different brand, but had an allergic reaction and a severe rash. I had to get a replacement prescription and paid for it out of pocket to the tune of $221.30. I feel if Sierra Blanca had been willing to help in the first place, this could have been avoided. A couple months later, I went to pick up my prescription and was told it would not be available for several days. I asked to speak with the pharmacist as the pick up date has changed despite me taking in the physical prescription near the same date each month. Instead of coming out and asking what the issue was or how he could help, Chris Woodall came out and stuck a photocopy in my face and demanded to know if it was my signature in front of his employees and other customers. He was not helpful or understanding in the least. After trying to explain with no effect, I left the prescription and said I would be back 12/31. I came back 12/31 and the woman at the counter said my prescription would not be ready until 01/01. 01/01 was a Sunday, and Sierra Blanca is closed on Sundays, so the prescription actually wouldn't be available until 01/02. My fiancé said he was upset the pharmacist had lied and the tech from the previous day started yelling from behind the counter. She said I needed to " take my meds right" and asked who he was. He asked who she was to be making assertions about my medical condition. She said she is a pharmacy technician. He went outside and one of the other pharmacy techs went out to continue arguing with him while I tried to get my medicine. If I stop my medication abruptly I will get violently ill, possibly with life-threatening consequences. I explained that to the other pharmacist, who was the only somewhat reasonable person I spoke to at Sierra Blanca, but she continued to say it had to do with the DEA. I told her I am fully aware of how regulated this medication is, but I don't deserve judgment and especially nasty comments from her employees. As I was explaining this, her employee, whom I believe she called Lydia, was saying, "Do you want a Kleenex?" And "Stop playing the victim." She was particularly nasty. My fiancé's comment which had angered them so much, was that they needed to act like healthcare professionals, yet here the pharmacy tech was, goading me and saying really inappropriate things. I have been ill since before I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 23. I have been treated brusquely by medical professionals and made to feel insignificant, but I have never been outright lied to, denied service, and made fun of publicly by someone working as a healthcare professional. Chris Woodall should be embarrassed of his place of business and how his thug employees treat sick people who go to him for care. It is not the job of pharmacy technicians to make uneducated judgments about people based on the prescriptions their doctor writes for them. If another pharmacy in town carried the brand of medication I needed, I would have stopped patronizing Sierra Blanca a while ago.

MJ Keeton
11 months ago
1 / 5

I went in on Friday to refill a rx for my dog. The young lady at the counter was very helpful, said I should call my vet and have him call the pharmacy with the rx, she would order it, and it should arrive by early Monday afternoon. I went in Monday, and two other young women were working the counter. I received the rx, opened the bag to check it, and it was not correct. When I told them that the rx was not as ordered, the attitudes of the staff changed quickly to rude and dismissive. They quickly shuffled me to the other room and told me that was what my vet ordered. (Upon calling my vet, I was told that the pharmacy told him that they didn't have the correct dose, but did have a smaller dose to give me, which was not the entire truth) I explained to the pharmacist that I wanted a refund. She told the cashier to please give me a refund...she did, and slammed my receipt on the counter and walked away. Instead of ordering the rx as my vet and I requested, (and as they promised), they chose to compound the rx into a capsule too big for my little dog. I was not about to risk the health of my 13 year old dog just so Sierra Blanca Pharmacy could make a few more bucks!

Penny Lloyd
1 year ago