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Thomasville Family Pharmacy

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Thomasville Family Pharmacy

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Thomasville customers want Steve back. I have been very satisfied an happy with Steve and his staff. He is very professional an helpful. I've recommended mamy people to this pharmacy, but I'm considering going to another pharmacy now that Steve is gone. Russell please bring Steve back to Thomasville.

5 / 5
Dawn Swing
23 days ago

I love this place. I've walked in with 5 scripts and walked out in 15 minutes.. If I was to go into any of the big named pharmacys it would take 15 mins to get waited on then 3 hours of wait time. Now if I'm lucky it would only be 1 1/2 hours of wait time. And what makes this worse is most of the bigger pharmacies have 5 pharmacist in the back plus 2 cashiers and 5 more techs double checking the count. To me it really seems like they want you to wait so you have time to browse around the store.. the stores that have that 3 hour wait has the biggest building and a pharmacy in the corner.. then the 1 1/2 waits are the pharmacies that have other products but the main business in the pharmacy. I don't like to call people or businesses out by name but I hope what I wrote about the wait time and store sizes made since. I've seen Steve spend so much time with one man on a visit that I thought id go crazy myself and I've done customer service for 25 years and I'm good at it but this older gentleman just really wanted Steve to be able to answer the doctor type questions i think and was not going to take you will need to speak with your doctor for an answer. But Steve still managed to get me waited on and keep this man happy while doing 5 things as well. But bottom line this place is great and you'd be missing out if you didn't atleast give them a chance. Love it

5 / 5
Josie Branscome
1 month ago

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5 / 5

Good prices, great service; even when they are really busy it doesn't take the 45 minutes to an hour wait that Walmart has. Pharmacist is always available to answer questions. I will never go back to that other place!

Nancy Capps
4 months ago
5 / 5

Steve and his staff are always friendly. I would not want to pick up my meds anywhere else. Steve is always on stand by to give medication advice. I had surgery yesterday and was very afraid and he took his time and explained how my medicine would help my pain. Great shop and they also deliver. That is a blessing considering I can not drive anymore.

That Cool Chic Godwin
6 months ago
5 / 5

They are quick and friendly to all customers even though they have bad days

Lisa Vanzant
7 months ago