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Oregon Snyders Pharmacy

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Oregon Snyders Pharmacy
Oregon Snyders Pharmacy

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these guys are great - always helpful - so glad they opened the hardware store too.

5 / 5
Tom & Liz Lynch
7 months ago

The pharmacy at this location is one of their best, since they are fast and the techs are very nice. The store itself has a nice decor section with many gift items. The large liquor section has a variety of spirits, wine, and beer. Most of the beer and winecoolers are kept cold. The new ACE hardware was a good addition for tools and supplies. Only complaint is that the pharmacy is now in the back corner, so any handicapped or elderly people might not be able to easily pick up their meds.

5 / 5
7 months ago

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4 / 5

Very convenient, pharmacy, drug store and hardware all in one! Staff is friendly and helpful.

john vos
4 months ago
1 / 5


Quoc Tran
25 days ago
1 / 5

Don't bother phoning in a prescription because they will not fill it until you show up. Happens to me every time, even if my doctor phones it in - show up 4 hours later or even the next day, and they will say "We are working on it - give us 20 minutes." Always have an excuse "We are really busy" etc. Fact is, they just put it on the side until you start screaming.

27 days ago