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Ojai Rexall Drugs

4.2 / 5.0

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Ojai Rexall Drugs
Ojai Rexall Drugs
Ojai Rexall Drugs
Ojai Rexall Drugs

Top Reviews

They make goin to the pharmacy easy

5 / 5
william gaddie
6 days ago

This place always smelled nice, and the leading pharmacist here was a big help to my dad when dealing with prescriptions.

5 / 5
Andy Hill
2 months ago

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5 / 5

Great store. Friendly informative pharmacist. Well stocked medical devices section. Canes, walkers, elastic braces. All the stuff you need post injury or for an aging family member. Lots of gift items too. They even have jewelry.

Lynn Frances Jae
7 months ago
3 / 5


Krissell Dutter
1 year ago
2 / 5

I was unable to get the help that I needed here. I hear great things from other people, but my medications were seemingly unfamiliar to the staff/ they didn't carry them, and knowledge of medicine​s seemed a tad outdated or possibly biased?.... That's just my personal experience. For gifts, candy, and your everyday life OTC drugs/beta blockers... Conventionally, you may be in luck! 😉

Dr. D Markovna C. E. W.
8 months ago