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Long's Drugs of Florence

3.4 / 5.0

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Long's Drugs of Florence
Long's Drugs of Florence
Long's Drugs of Florence

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very awesome experience. My children enjoyed their visits....Thank you all for making it easy....

5 / 5
Nikki Mclamore
14 days ago

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3 / 5

I went to see Claire Proffer yesterday and that was the best visit I ever had. My complaint is I am now paying 15 dollars extra for a visit, plus paying for an knee x-Ray I never had. When I asked about that, they said they had notes on the x-Ray. Why would I lie about not going to x-Ray. Show me the x-Ray not the notes. It's amazing how they said they have notes for a non existing x-ray.

3 months ago
2 / 5

My first doctor was so rude and nasty. People are just in the business for the money. They don't care about your health. They will leave you with no hope at all. It's sad but true. It's some doctors who love what they do others who just want the check. This world is just about money.

Moet Speakfacts
21 days ago
1 / 5

Time spent is usually always over 2 hours. Was called in for a pill count (which I don't have a problem with) but was told I shouldn't have been because I was never given a controlled substance contract to sign and took 1.5 hour out of work. Phone calls are never returned. Sitting in one of the rooms now and have been here for 1.5 hours and still haven't been seen (typical) Currently looking for a new provider. Thankfully my insurance is really good so it shouldn't be too hard. Sad they have such a nice new facility but are so unprofessional.

29 days ago
1 / 5

If you like long wait times, bad medical advise, and surprising medical bills Hope health is the place to go! My Husband started going to Hope Health November 2016 to help manage his newly diagnosed high blood pressure. Because Hope Health was so close to his work he was okay with waiting 2 sometime 3 hours in the waiting area, before even being seen by a nurse. besides the horrible long wait time hope health has to offer. It seems like they also enjoy offering no education to people newly diagnosed of high blood pressure, and was surprised my husband has high blood pressure because he has a normal body weight. My husband wasn't given any print out or information about diet changes or life style changes before putting him on blood pressure medication. instead they told him to just come back in two weeks if your blood pressure is still high we will start you on blood pressure medication. fast forward 6 months We finally get a bill from Hope Health, after six office visit, for the first time since he has been a patient. The bill was over 400 and included office visits since November of 2016. My husband was never charged anything at the time of his doctor and nurses visits, and he even asked before leaving each time if there were any outstanding bills. How does a company not ask for payment for over six months? In addition, Hope Health charges the same amount for a nurses visit as a doctors visit. I hope the nurses get paid well.

sha X
4 months ago