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Being new to the Northern New Jersey area I was looking for pharmacy that carried a particular generic brand of the medication I've been taking for a few years. After 10 tries at those big-name pharmacies that make you feel unwelcome for asking important questions on medications that could be very important to your health. After hearing the answer no we don't carry it as well as we can't tell you that information I was about to give up . I sat down one evening and typed in local pharmacies and I find all star pharmacy in Lodi which had many five stars reviews. Well let me state right now that in my 41 years on earth I have never Felt so welcomed as a potentially new pharmacy customer. Right away I noticed when I walked into the store everyone is smiling. Then when I got to the back where the pharmacy is I was introduced to the pharmacist Maryann and I explained my situation and how I can only take a specific brand of a medication and told her I was new to the area. Next thing I know I'm having the nicest conversation with not only the pharmacist Maryann, but she is also the owner. She truly cares about each individual that comes into the pharmacy and her staff does the same thing as well. I truly feel blessed to have found such a great group of people and I can't say enough about how all-star pharmacy just has a great vibe and great service . Jason

5 / 5
Jason Adams
6 months ago

They are super friendly and understanding ..always willing to help and treats you with respect ... Id rate them higher if I could

5 / 5
Kyle Cap
8 months ago

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5 / 5

I can't possibly say enough wonderful things about AllStar pharmacy. Friendly, caring, patient, personable, speedy, compassionate, clean etc... I am beyond pleased as a customer and so happy that I made the switch! You will be treated like a human being here. Thank you AllStar!! Recommending this pharmacy to everyone! A+ Beautiful people inside and out! ❤️

Karyn Alberto
1 year ago
2 / 5

I get prescription done here so no issues with that, at times I would look around and shop for hair products. I brought shampoos, bleach, clips, combs etc etc from there in past. Last time I went there I was looking around for hair developer and I couldn't make up my mind how many ounces I needed for my product. Then the pracmacist came and asked if I need some help, I said no thank you. But she kept by my side pretending to be stocking as if she suspended I was shoplifting. I never felt so uncomfortable in a store before. I brought the biggest bottle they have and left. I wouldnt steal from there, they know my information. That was ridiculous, I'm never going back there again.

Jenny Perez-Inga
3 months ago
1 / 5

The staff is very friendly I met the owner today she wasn't very friendly rather nasty! She told me the pharmacy didn't open till 9 o'clock then at 845 as a young man was in there and she was filling out his prescription when I questioned her about it she got nasty and told me she didn't have to fill my prescription because she was the owner

Morgan Wilson
7 months ago