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Clinch Valley Pharmacy, Inc.

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Very friendly staff

5 / 5
Trish Hass
9 months ago

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Kelley Buchanan
2 years ago
3 / 5

Check your Rx

matt justmatt
7 months ago
3 / 5

To high prices

Ronald Hatfield
9 months ago
1 / 5

I was only a customer for a year but they are literally the worst pharmacy I've ever had the displeasure to deal with. They wouldn't fill my prescriptions until I came to pick them up even though the prescriptions were called in by the doctor hours before and sometimes 1-2 days before. I stood inside the pharmacy waiting for 45 minutes on a prescription to be filled and was finally told that my prescription had been filled over 30 minutes ago but they put it in the refrigerator and forgot I was standing front of them. They have also told me multiple times that my insurance wouldn't pay to fill my prescriptions (even though they'd been filled there the month prior) so I would take it to another pharmacy and they would fill it no problem and my insurance paid for it. But my favorite experience with Clinch Valley Pharmacy is when I called to make sure my daughter's prescription had been called in and would be ready to pick up. They told me they had the prescription and would go ahead and fill it. Then when I came to pick it up, they told me it would be a few minutes because they weren't finished. After a while of waiting at the pick up window, I'm finally told that they don't even have the prescription, another pharmacy did. Why they couldn't have told me that to begin with? WHO KNOWS. So, I went to the pharmacy that had my daughter's prescription and told them that from now on, I would only get mine, my son's, and my daughter's medicine from them instead of Clinch Valley.

Amanda Boardwine
1 year ago