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Ballpark Pharmacy

2.9 / 5.0
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The pharmacy team is ALWAYS helpful and recognizes customers. I can’t say enough things in their praise and to thank them for being on the frontline and being friendly.

5.0 / 5.0
Otto Mayo
a month ago

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2.0 / 5.0

They are usually pretty good at filling prescriptions in a timely manner, but the lady answering the phone is extremely rude and unprofessional. The actual pharmacist is very sweet and helpful. I am not sure who answers, but from reviews it seems like she is just rude to everyone and Walgreens just lets it happen. I will go elsewhere after today's experience.

Megan Nation
4 months ago
2.0 / 5.0

This store change they policy weekly!! One week you can the next you can't!! I even thought about giving up on Walgreens

Tamara Carter
5 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

The person who answers the phone at the pharmacy is rude as they comes. She disrespectful answer the phone with an attitude and hash voice. Your need to work on that.

Emmanuel Dunbah
3 months ago
1.0 / 5.0

This has got to be the worst Walgreens I have ever been to and I have been here more than once for its convenience as they close at 12AM. Most of the items here (especially those with coupons) are almost always sold out. Most of the workers and cashiers here are very rude and does not demonstrate any work ethics, which is not a surprise, as the managers are rude and unprofessional as well. This is no surprise to me that they have a rude and unprofessional team working here. Last night I was here to make purchases, the digital coupons did not work. The cashier and the manager does nothing to help, and the manager gets upset when I chose not to make purchase of the item(s), because the coupon(s) did not work. I had to make another transaction in order to not hold up the line behind me. On the second check out trip in the store, the coupon does not work either. The manager was again being rude about me wanting to void the purchase, because the coupon did not work, when I was asked if I want her to void the transaction. I was then asked if I want to make any purchase with them, which of course I did not. I brought in a coupon with me I intended to shop here with, the manager almost took it from me, and the cashier lied about the coupon being on the item. I have been a long time shopper at Walgreens and thought I enjoyed shopping here. However, I will not shop here for the convenience or any more. I have faced two rude managers and several rude employees. I think I would rather go to another Walgreens that are 24 hour or closes at 12AM.

Ky Lei
a year ago


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