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Curant Health Georgia

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Love curant! They're super helpful and deliver on time. Thanks curant!

5 / 5
Christine Rambo-Martin
4 months ago

I have been using their Rx mail service , and have been very satisfied, even delighted. They go out of their way to work with you. Thank you

5 / 5
Kevin Foster
2 years ago

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Off to a bad start. And for the record, I'd have been satisfied to just express my concern directly to the company, but their 'contact us on the web' server wasn't available, and they aren't available by phone on Saturday (which is when I was told to expect my shipment, except now I find that it will arrive in four days instead of the overnight delivery I was promised. I'm disappointed, as I just arranged to have my medications handled by Curant, and yesterday was told to expect a package today. Now I see that the package wont be shipped for another two days, which will leave me without my medication for two days. Instead of the 'overnight' delivery which would have been perfect, upon checking the tracking information I see the order will be sitting for two days before it is shipped. Why tell me on Friday to expect the package on Saturday if it won't actually arrive until Tuesday. Off to a bad start,

Brian Kaufman
1 year ago