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Palmer's Drug

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Palmer's Drug
Palmer's Drug

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Best Drug Store in town!

5 / 5
Arthur Gamboa
1 year ago

Small town pharmacy. Great experiences.

5 / 5
Brian Rauch
1 year ago

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5 / 5

Great hours, great service, and the prices I've dealt with are competitive or better. Keep it local!

Jeff Stetz
2 years ago
4 / 5

I have a throat condition that prevents me from being able to swallow virtually any pill (5mm opening in my lower esophagus, at least for now). Walgreens didn't think I could get liquid versions of the medications I was prescribed, and even if they could do it, it would be really expensive since apparently BCBS insurance wouldn't cover it. Palmer's, on the other hand, were fine with doing the liquid version and it wasn't very expensive (something like $30 for 2 weeks of Prilosec OTC, which isn't much more than the solid version on the shelf). No problems billing my insurance. The guy helping me was very helpful. The store itself does smell kind of funny, but hey it's a pharmacy so I guess that's to be expected.

Mike Mc.
1 year ago
1 / 5

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! The pharmacist there think they know more than the doctors prescribing the medication. after 3 months of getting the same meds one pharmacist she decides she doesn't feel comfortable filling them and was condescending and un caring. Spread the word, there are tons of other pharmacies out there so don't waste time and money on OVER-PRICED medication!!!

lenny mcleod
3 years ago