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Hidenwood Pharmacy, Inc

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I LOVE This pharmacy. It’s one of the few vestiges of what it was like before Walmart and other big box stores came in and took over everything. Friendly, familiar staff, helpful and caring pharmacists, and a small town store feel. And the prices are just as good as the corporate giants. I would drive across town for this pharmacy!

5 / 5
24 days ago

This pharmacy is to drugstores what Cheers is to taverns. The pharmacists and staff are precise and professional, but will greet you by name like an old friend or family member. They care about every customer and are always attentive to any detail that could affect the effectiveness of the prescriptions filled. Even when they are very busy, they are ready to listen and offer advice and recommendations as appropriate. You will never experience this quality of care at a drugstore chain. And there is often a marvellous canine called Beethoven who attends to each customer's needs.

5 / 5
Kurt Risser
5 months ago

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5 / 5

Great store and staff... very friendly!

Vincent Kidd
5 months ago
5 / 5

This is a really nice pharmacy. They sell all kinds of neat gifts and knickknacks. It's like Cracker Barrel only they sell you medicine instead of food. The staff is super friendly and helpful, although I think that one pharmacy technician, Beethoven, might be an actual dog (!!!). Still.... BEST. PHARMACY. EVERRRR.

Courtney P
1 year ago
5 / 5

Service, service, convenience and service! The so-called convenience of having a national drugstore chain on every corner ceases to be convenient when you have to wait or they don't have the medicine you need. Hidenwood Pharmacy feels like family. They know your name, they are friendly and they provide customer service that national chains simply never do!

Jessica Ausura
2 years ago