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Post Haste Pharmacy

3.5 / 5.0
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Post Haste Pharmacy
Post Haste Pharmacy

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I have to admit, I never knew there were such "amazing" pharmacies out there like "Post Haste Pharmacy" in Hollywood, Florida.... Being from a small Farming town in Washington state, meant that new prescriptions took up to 4 or 5 hours to fill...!! While visiting my aunt in Florida, we had to go to a Dr's. appointment for her. I couldn't believe that everything was found in the same complex!! Talk about one stop shopping.... The people that were working in the pharmacy that day including the pharmacist were way beyond patient and caring, they really took their time explaining a few of the new medications that my aunt was starting. It felt just like a pharmacy should feel, just like one big happy family that's service was super quick, confident, and caring...

5 / 5
Anita Sparks
2 years ago

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While waiting for my prescription at the pharmacy I asked the employee where is the restroom and I was told there is no restroom, which I find it hard to believe, they have a wellness center, small post office, and Optical center inside. SMH

Jeanette John
25 days ago
1 / 5

My experience was that some of the medicine came short when it was sent by UPS The medicine was short and it was fixed. But the second time it happened I was told that from the time it was dispensed to the time it go to my house they did not know what happened So right there and the I switched to another pharmacy.

Nyleve 7777
3 months ago
1 / 5

I haven't used the pharmacy, although I did stand in line to ask them a question regarding the vitamins and they completely ignored me. However that isn't the focus of this review, it is regarding the USPS they have in store. Its a private post office and have terrible customer service, on two occasions they have been impatient, rude, and just disrespectful employees. Even though they are convenient for me in distance, I would drive an hour to avoid them (luckily theres another post office down the road). This reaction may seem extreme but they are extremely rude employees, Terrible customer service, they do not even earn 1 star.

Chelsea Green
5 months ago
1 / 5

I was stuck using this place because my area didn't have many options when it came to compound pharmacies. This pharmacies biggest downfall is their lack of communication. I tried hard to make this pharmacy work for me. I would call them 4-5 days before I needed my prescription filled so they would have enough time to prepare it. In the end no one was willing to except responsibility, they just kept passing the blame on each other when the orders weren't filled or ready on time. I also tried delivery that was even worse. They would tell me they would deliver it and not show up. So I would have to go the following morning and wait to pick it up. I tried telling them this treatment was unacceptable and we would just go back and forth. They treated me like I was a troublesome customer instead of doing their job. I'm 100% sure I gave them attitude the last few times I used the pharmacy. I was out of patience and I reached my limit. How many times can someone pass the buck? I didn't like feeling mad at people, when all I wanted was medicine for my sick dog. Obvioisly my sick dog wasnt a priority to them but he is a priority to me, so I found another pharmacy that is Pet friendly, appreciate's my business, is less expensive and knows how to have an order ready when they promise it.

Jennifer Wolff
10 months ago