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Foodland Pharmacy

4.1 / 5.0

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Foodland Pharmacy
Foodland Pharmacy
Foodland Pharmacy
Foodland Pharmacy

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i love working there respectful co workers we work hard bust our asses and still have fun thanks IGA for letting me have a chance to be a employer for your company

5 / 5
Ferguson Ferguson
12 days ago

Well stocked store with a variety of specialty items (gf, sf,paleo etc). They have a salad bar, decent deli and a good coffee shop inside too. Prices are on par with other stores.

5 / 5
Sherri Campbell
1 month ago

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4 / 5

Very nice upscale neighborhood grocery store. They have a great deli in house but their donuts/pastries are atrocious.

Bob Griffiths
21 hours ago
4 / 5

I'd rate it 3 stars as an average score, but the addition to having a full Ace Hareware kicks it up to four. It's a good grocery store, and where we primarily shop. Foodland IGA has a selection of foods popular in Juneau at average prices. When comparing monthly food budgets, there aren't savings compared to Fred Meyer or Safeway. They also sell fishing tackle and fishing/hunting licences, ammo, and have partnered with a locally owned pharmacy, coffee shop, and credit union to offer those services in the store. No liquor store, but there's a locally owned one attached to the building.

Nathan Adams
29 days ago
1 / 5

The produce section should be out near the dumpster since most of their stock should be in one. The canned goods seem to come from a landfill since a lot of them are dented, expired or otherwise damaged. All in all the proprietors should be ashamed, although, if they changed their slogan to "Inferior products at premium prices" then they would at least be honest. Go to Freds and save yourself the aggravation

RJ Koerperich
2 hours ago