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Long's Drugs of Irmo

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Long's has really made our life SO much easier. My family moved our mom from California recently because she is going through some health hardships. After struggling with CVS on Lake Murray Blvd (who were incredibly rude) and CVS in target (who seemed confused), we decided to try Long's. We were acknowledged as soon as we walked through the door and the pharmacist spoke directly to my mom, with respect and kind understanding. Mom has since been getting her RX delivered, free of charge, and she loves walking into the store to drop off prescriptions. There is a Keurig machine, cozy chairs, TV, and smiling faces!

5 / 5
Vanessa McCullough
3 months ago

I love Longs Drugs on St. Andrews road!! What won me over was the manager Adam. He is simply awesome. I'd transferred one of my medications from Publix on Harbison, bc I'd had some problems. When I walked in I told him my issue and within minutes he resolved it and bc of his effort my well being is so much better. I was so impressed at how he went out of his way for me, shocked really. I transferred my whole family there. He cares about everyone who comes in the door. Ever since the first time I came through the door he has called me by name, I mean he remembers it! He has helped me figure out some generics Ive had reactions too, and his staff clearly respects him. I always see him smiling and he's always in sight behind counter or on the floor. This pharmacy out of all the Longs I've been to, two other locations, is hands down the best. I absolutely love the small town feel of the pharmacy. It has a very clean and welcoming environment. Lush couches if you have to wait, which I never have, but great for the kids, and a tv. The shelves are not cluttered . They have a few of each product shelved that they carry and replenish as purchased. I like that so much because it doesn't feel cluttered and unorganized. Adam has made me very happy customer. He has shown me great respect, and bc of his kindness, helpfulness, and bright smile every time we walk in, I am Longs for life on St. Andrews, as long as Adam is there!! I hope you read this Adam so you can see how much your kind service has meant to me and I'm sure I speak on behalf of many!!❤️😁

5 / 5
Lisa C
6 months ago

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5 / 5

Adam went out of his was to get a medicine approved for my daughter when she desperately needed (it after a 2 day wait for the prescription at CVS).

Megan Kirk
10 months ago
5 / 5

I have been a customer of Long's for a LONG time...hehe, pun intended. But seriously, there are WONDERFUL people working there. They truly care about you and will do anything within their power to help meet your individual needs. I do not have insurance, yet I require expensive medications; however, they make it so much easier for me by helping me find ways to cut costs and save on prescriptions. As if all that wasn't enough, they consistently beat ANY other pharmacy around as far as cash prices on Rx's. I've been through several pharmacists over the years there...starting with Jody and now thru Michael...and I can personally attest that you WILL NOT FIND a pharmacist more helpful than here. Michael has been a life-saver of late for me! I will go NOWHERE else! Thank u Long's for your dedication to me!!!

Barr McCoy, IV
1 year ago
5 / 5

Long's Drugs is the BEST! In today's crazy world... it's nice to have a personal touch with a pharmacy with a small town / "down-home" feel. Their customer service is exceptional! Soo easy to order refills... no long automated phone calls! AND.. .best of all.. they DELIVER! When you are sick - and feel lousy - finally finished waiting forever at the doctor's office, the last thing you want to do is WAIT more at the pharmacy! Now, I go home.. get back into bed and LONGS will deliver -- many times the same day! They are ~~~ AWESOME ~~~ !!

Cindy Wynn
3 years ago