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Medcenter Pharmacy-Laredo

3.8 / 5.0
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Medcenter Pharmacy-Laredo
Medcenter Pharmacy-Laredo
Medcenter Pharmacy-Laredo

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Excellent place to fill your prescriptions!! I've never ones have had an issue with anyone in the pharmacy or with any medication that I've filled there. I also love that they have time to answer questions regarding any medication whether or not you have purchased your medication there. I always have gotten excellent and quick attention; whether it's by phone or in person. A+++ Excellent SERVICE and Great Attention/Advice!

5 / 5
Maribel Esquivel
3 months ago

If you need your meds and it's later than 8 they close at 10 p.m and they have certain medicines ready in 30 mins

5 / 5
Annie Martinez
6 months ago

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2 / 5

My family has been using this pharmacy for yrs, mainly for the convenience since they offer delivery in my area. However, I greatly dislike the fact they never notify me when our prescriptions are ready. Our pediatrician's office sends them directly yet they don't call to let us know it's ready. I have to be constantly checking. There have been times when the prescription can be purchased OTC and I do it, just to see when they'll contact me - and no lie they reach out to me 2 days later. 😏

Claudia Mendoza
11 months ago
1 / 5

My last delivery always the last one for some reason . if i could walk with no pain id be their in seconds. Sadly its been 3 day's i had to remind them . can you imagine pain for 3 day's no money how to purchase Tylenol? My insurance pays for everything so why the discrimination?

XMoon xRocksX
8 months ago
1 / 5

Most of the staff is very nice and polite, except for one very rude man, once they messed up my prescription delivered a bigger bottle of med at my home and almost 3 hours later of course he was mad and telling me that if my child had even a ml of the med it would be charged I was so surprised I didn't even know how to react . I knew right away who he was when I went to the pharmacy to return the medicine . Just ridiculous didn't say a word to him but told all of them that their errors shouldn't be blamed on the clients but of course IF YOU RECEIVE MEDICAID FOR YOUR MEDS TO COVER YOU GET TRATED UNFAIRLY. MADE ME SAD BECAUSE I LOVED THAT PHARMACY

Jennifer Glvn
9 months ago