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Kings Healthmart Pharmacy

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Kings Healthmart Pharmacy
Kings Healthmart Pharmacy
Kings Healthmart Pharmacy
Kings Healthmart Pharmacy

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The best pharmacy in the Palm Beaches hands down.

5 / 5
Achieve Behavioral Healthcare
2 years ago

Everyone at Kings Pharmacy is fantastic! My mom is 85, lives alone and has lots of health problems, big (dialysis, COPD, TIA) and small. Last time I visited my mom, she was just discharged from the hospital after having an outpatient surgical procedure. Since the folks at Kings knew that my mom was feeling very weak, they arranged to deliver her medications to her home so that she was able to get the rest that she needed. A few days later, I visited the pharmacy with my mom to make sure that she had all the medications that she needed to take. When we got there, I was blown away!!! They took the time to meet with me and my mom and reviewed all of the medications that she was taking. They even printed up a full list of her medications on a chart so that she could bring copies to all of her doctors. When I took her to see her primary care doctor for a follow up visit, his entire staff was BLOWN AWAY! Since Erin the pharmacist knew that my mom was having some problems with reflux, she invited her and my aunt to a free lecture they were hosting so that she could get some from a local gastroenterologist. Then they enrolled my mom in a program that calls her everyday just to remind her to take all of her medications. She can keep the service going as short or as long as she wants. They even call her up personally when it's time to refill all of her drugs. When I asked Michael the Pharmacist if I could be billed for all the services directly, he gave me a strange look. What he said to me just blew me away. He said, "Rich, this is something that we do for all of our patients. We never charge for this kind of service. This is just what we do" It's amazing. My mom used to get all of her drugs at Publix. They even gave her a free turkey last year when she got a new prescription. But the folks at Kings take care of my mom like she is a member of their family. And my mom pays the same amount for her drugs as she did before. Believe me, the turkey was nice. But this was better; much better. I guess the big difference is that Kings Pharmacy takes care of my mom as a person, not as a customer. They take the time to talk with her and answer all of her questions. They call her up after a few days go by every time she gets a new medication, just to make sure that she's ok. They do all the little things that no one ever thinks of. They don't charge for these services. They just care.

5 / 5
Richard Steinkohl
4 years ago

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5 / 5

Great pharmacy and service.

Irish Celtic
6 years ago
1 / 5

Stay away from this pharmacy ! To make a long story short, in July 2017, they got a compound prescription from my doctor's office. They had my insurance information on file. They never put it through my insurance, lied to me about my insurance not paying for it, and charged me the full price of $48.00. When I went back there on a Friday for them to fill out a reimbursement form from my insurance company, one of the pharmacists told me she didn't know how to fill it out, and I should come back on Monday when the owners were there. I went back on Monday, and the owner/ pharmacist Erin Blood Erin Blood refused to fill out my form, telling me that if she did my company would take all of the money back from her. I knew this was a lie. I called my insurance company, who told me that they never submitted a claim to begin with ! The rep. called Erin, and then Erin called me back and asked if I had called my insurance company on her. I said yes. She the got nasty and said " Come back for your refund, we will not be filling anymore compound prescriptions for you." I called back my insurance rep., who was shocked to hear this. The rep. said she never had a pharmacy do this in all her years working for the company. She said what was told to me was a lie, for they don't take money out of their account. I went back there and the cashier went back to Erin, and came back and gave me a $42 refund, leaving me with a $6.00 co-payment, which is what should have happened originally. Erin couldn't even face me, hiding in the back. In short, they will not put a compound prescription through your company, lie about doing it to get the full cash price out of you, and then when you report them, they tell you not to come back there ! I have never been treated so badly in a pharmacy in my life !

4 months ago
1 / 5

I went there today, 3 May, for the very first time. I need a medication that's extremely hard to find. I must tell you, I will never go back. Aside from the lovely Pharmacist, everyone else was ruder than rude and had not one iota of kindness or customer caring in their DNA! The young girl very obviously to me, couldn't wait for her day to end. The other woman, wearing a pullover sweatshirt, apparently took a nasty pill that rendered her unable to smile or speak without attitude! I know I'm just one person and my business doesn't matter. (and i live right across the street) But for the sake of other people, AND your business, these two women really need to be spoken to. Btw, I was not demanding or telling them I was so busy and had to leave. I was none of those. I just said thank you.

Tobe Mason
1 year ago